The Game Killer

What happens when Luke Hemmings gets kidnapped on Christmas Eve? It is up to his 3 best friends to find him before it is too late. They have until December 29 at Midnight before they lose the game. If they lose the game then they will lose their best friend as well. See what happens in The Game Killer!


4. Pain

Luke's POV

   They pulled up to the warehouse about an hour later. By this time, I was shaking with fear. After they parked the car, J.L got out. He quickly opened the back door of the car and roughly pulled me out. I instantly started to struggle until I felt metallic blade pressed against my neck.

   "Stop your struggling and come along peacefully" J.L whispered in my ear. I nodded my head and he pushed me into the warehouse. He dragged me to the back of the warehouse and threw me to the floor.

   "Please, let me go" I begged as he sat on my legs; pinning me down. He just smiled and pulled out a pocket knife. I felt myself shaking with fear. He put the knife to my leg and quickly slid it down; leaving a huge gash. All I felt was the pain as he continued to cut me. After he made several good cuts, he put the knife away. He then got up and looked at me.

   "Stay down. I have to go get something" He said, smirking at the last part. After about ten minutes, he returned with C.J.

   "He's all yours. Do whatever you want to him" J.L. said before leaving the room again. C.J looked down at me and smirked. Before I knew what was happening, he was laying on top of me; roughly kissing my neck. I started struggling and he roughly dug his fingernails into my sides.

   "If I were you, I'd stop struggling and go with it" He whispered, putting a knife to my neck. I was too scared to ask him where he got it from. I stopped struggling and he ripped my shirt off. I quickly shut my eyes and soon felt something pressed to my lips. I opened my eyes and saw that he was kissing me. He pulled away and smirked before pulling off both my pants and boxers at once. I really want the boys right now. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a shocking pain shooting through my body.

   "Your such a good boy" He whispered in my ear. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as he continued to violate me. After about an hour of this going on, he finally got up and left. I slowly and painfully put my clothes back on and curled up in a corner. I bust out crying as soon as I got in the corner. I could hear them laughing and talking about how much fun they were going to have with me. I just want to be with the other boys. I just want to be at Michael's watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. I guess I should get some sleep. I laid down on the cold, dusty floor and thought about Michael. Soon I felt sleep overtake me. My final thought was of Michael before I fell into a dreamless sleep.


A/N= Hey guys. I know this is a short chapter but I did not know what else to put into this chapter. I hope you guys are liking my story so far. I am sorry that it keeps taking me forever to update. I have been really busy with wrapping presents and helping to prepare for Christmas. I really do hope that you guys are enjoying the story so far. Also, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for being so amazing.

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