The Guys Next Door

My Name is Autumn and I live in Texas, or at least I LIVED in Texas. I moved to Sydney, Australia on my 16th BirthDay "Woo so FUN…��."
IMAGINE: For your 16th birthday instead of having an AMAZING 'Sweet' 16 you are ripped away from your home, your country, your BIRTH PLACE!

But, maybe it all pays off… read and see.


5. CHAPTER 5: sorry

I will not be finishing the book sorry peeps I sort of don't have the time and I got a new app that you can check out which I AMAZING!!!!!

Look for Wattpad in the App Store!!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!!! U will LURVE IT!!!!

Again I am sorry for not finishing my FANFIC but plz understand, LUV YOU GUYS, I won't ever finish it cuz I am also deleting my app in a little bit!

SORRY X 100000000000!!! XOXOXO LOVE YALL!

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