The Guys Next Door

My Name is Autumn and I live in Texas, or at least I LIVED in Texas. I moved to Sydney, Australia on my 16th BirthDay "Woo so FUN…��."
IMAGINE: For your 16th birthday instead of having an AMAZING 'Sweet' 16 you are ripped away from your home, your country, your BIRTH PLACE!

But, maybe it all pays off… read and see.


4. CHAPTER 4: Crushes on Rockstars

"Oh hey, Addie, you never told me which guy you had a huge crush on…" I said curiously looking at her with my devious smile.

"Oh yeah…" she said nervously looking around "I promised you didn't I… well um…" she closed the door.

"Well?" I urged on "who do you like?!?"

"I like… um" Addie began "I like Ashton!" She finally gave in.

"I KNEW IT!" I squealed "well, LETS GO SEE THE BOYS!" I grabbed her arm and rushed out the door.

I knocked on the door with Addie behind me jumping around and swaying back and forth on her heels.

"Oh hey Autumn!" Luke said after answering the door "who is this?"

"Hi Luke! This is Addie!" I squealed "Addie this is Luke!" Addie's face turned pink "hi Luke" she said waving and biting her lip.

"Come in!" Luke said opening the door wide so that we could see the living room with all the boys "we were just having some pizza before we played." We walked in and all the other guys were on the couch with boxes of pizza.

"Hi guys!" I exclaimed as they looked up from their food like hungry animals.

"Hi who is this?" Ashton asked "oh this is Addie my new friend and if you don't mind she wanted to hear you guys play as well."

"Hi Addie!" Ashton said giving us both hugs, the rest of the guys ran up and joined.

"Nice to meet you!" Calum said "ant friend of Autumn's is a friend of mine!" Michael added. We got done hugging and Addie's face was a bright shade of red.

"Are you ok?" Luke asked her "oh yeah!" She confirmed looking down and biting her lip again.

"Hey want some pizza?" Ashton offered holding the pizza box "it's pepperoni…" he teased now waving the box in the air.

"Sure!" Addie and I both answered at the same time, running over and grabbing a slice. I sat on the other couch next to Addie and Luke ran over and sat by me "hi!" I said to Luke taking a bite if my pizza "nothing !" he said looking at me funny.

"Are you sure you're ok?" I said taking my focus of my food.

"YES!" He said quickly stealing a bite of my pizza leaving me stunned "what was that… what the?!?!?" I asked him hitting his arm "get your own there is a whole box over there!" I pointed.

"I was hungry…" he said in a baby voice while pouting, then he gave me a hug "I'm sowwy!" I turned bright red and all if the guys got their phones out and started giggling including Addie.

Ashton stood up and plopped down in between Addie and I then she turned red as well "sup my people?" Ash said in a deep voice and Addie giggled

"Are we gonna go play or are we gonna watch Luke flirt with his nieghbor?" Ashton spoke up after a few moments. Luke stood up quickly and started to smile.

"Let's go PLAY!" Calum said running trough the door and coming back with his bass in his hands "my baby is calling my name…" he started to pout and rub his hand on it. All the rest of the guys got up and followed into the garage and Luke opened it, with Addie and I trailing behind and sitting in the garage.

"LETS PLAY SOME MUSIC!" Ash yelled hitting his symbols and smiling his crazy smile, Addie giggled at him. The whole time they played their songs 'unpredictable', 'just saying', 'don't stop', and whatever else they played.

Addie and I tried not to but couldn't help ourselves but to stare in awe at Luke and Ashton, good thing they didn't catch us looking the whole time.

"THAT WAS AMAZING!" Addie said jumping up and down as they finished "YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!" They all smiled putting down their instruments "thanks!" The guys said at the same time. Luke ran over and sat on my lap

"Was I good?" He asked looking at me with his deep blue, gorgeous eyes.

"You were AMAZING!" I complemented "Can you please get off me?" He jumped of and hugged me. Then he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder carrying me to the living room and plopping me on the couch sitting next to me.

I blushed and giggled trying not to attract to much attention as he picked up a stuffed penguin and cuddled with it on the couch. The boys came in soon after with Addie only to see Luke curled in a ball holding a little penguin, they all stared and then uncontrollable laughter spread across the room.

Luke looked up and threw the penguin at Ashton, who caught it and tried to put it in the toilet. Nobody could stop laughing, until we had laughed so hard our sides hurt when we walked or even breathed!

We just watched moves till it got dark, then Addie and I called our moms, Addie told her mom she was staying with me and I told my mom I was staying at Luke's so we could watch movies all night since it was Friday night.

"Hey guys I'm tired of watching movies and Mikey play COD let's play something else like… uh… truth or dare!" Calum said in a bored voice "yeah!" I agreed with him. Everybody gathered in a circle on the rug.

I was next to Addie, next to Ash, next to, Mikey, next to Calum, next to Luke , who was next to me. "Truth or dare?" Ashton asked Luke "Dare!" He answered with a devious smile "I dare you to… um … stick your head in the toilet!" Ashton laughed.

Luke gave him a frown "what did I do to you?" He pouted and walked hesitantly to the bathroom Ashton close behind, he came back with a wet shirt and a towel "you suck man!" He grumbled at Ashton rolling his eyes and sitting back down.

"Truth or dare?" Luke asked Calum still annoyed at Ashton "Truth" he answered "CHICKEN!" Luke accused pointing at Calum "I am not a 'CHICKEN'!" He scoffed "I just know better! You guys' dares can get pretty EXTREME!"

"Fine!" Luke continued "what is the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done that NOBODY knows about?"

Calum squirmed "um… well… I did dance around my room once with only my underwear to a Taylor Swift song… the. I accidentally fell of my bed and almost broke my arm." He said cringing his teeth, everybody giggled and covered their mouths.

"So…uh… truth or dare, Mikey?" Michael closed his eyes "dare!" He challenged "ooh! I dare you to switch clothes with the person on your left!" Mikey looked at Ashton "good thing we wear the same size! DO WE HAVE TO SWITCH UNDERWEAR TOO!" Michael begged "PLEASE NO UNDERWEAR!"

"EWW! Of course not underwear I'm not THAT mean!" Calum said with a disgusted expression. Ashton and Michael left the room and came back soon after wear the others clothes "I hate you Calum" they both grumbled Luke couldn't help but laugh at Ashton "you deserved that for ruining my hair" He mumbled "stupid toilet."

"Truth or dare… um… AUTUMN!" Michael exclaimed.

"Um… dare?" It came out more a question as I bit my lip, Michael smirked at Luke and Luke made the 'you-better-not' eyes at him then Mikey wiggled his eye brows. I had no idea what this meant till he said "I dare you to make out with the hottest guy in the room!"

I turned bright red and looked around at all of the guys their mouths wide open, they couldn't believe he said it either. "We are waiting" Michael said "do it, do it, do it!"

"I absolutely hate you right now…" I grumbled at him standing up "do I have to?" I whined.

"It's a DARE!" He enforced it like it was a law and I put my hands on my hips "fine…" I choked siting back down "L-L-Luke…um…" I said nervously scooting closer to him "Y-You don't have to if you don't want to…" I trailed off and before I knew it Luke's lips connected with mine. I put my hands around his neck and he out his arms on my waist as he moved his tongue trough my mouth.

"Ok that's enough!" Ashton said gagging "you guys can get a room for the rest!" Luke detached his lips and let go of me as I released "round two later?" He whispered and I looked at him and nodded as I giggled.

"So… um Addie, truth or dare?" I asked "Truth" she said back.

"Is it true that you have a crush on someone in this room? If so who?" I asked her with a devilish smile.

"That's not fair" she mumbled "ah ah ah!" You have to!" I shot back "fine…" she grumbled with a frown "Yes…" she said slowly and quietly.

"And who may that be?" Ash asked curiously she looked up at him quickly and turned tomato red.

"Um… it's… um … you…" she squeaked at him everyone's mouth flew open and Ashton smirked "really?" He couldn't believe it "yes…" she grumbled and he said "well I think you're pretty gorgeous yourself!" He said confidently she smiled.

"Nobody ever called me that before…" she said with wide eyes "well I guess they never told you the truth, Addie!" He said jumping over next to her she turned an even brighter shade of red as he pecked her on the cheek and she froze with a grin.

The game was over finally and we went back to watching movies again except this time I cuddled with Luke and Addie fell asleep on Ashton's lap, then we all just fell asleep.

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