The Guys Next Door

My Name is Autumn and I live in Texas, or at least I LIVED in Texas. I moved to Sydney, Australia on my 16th BirthDay "Woo so FUN…��."
IMAGINE: For your 16th birthday instead of having an AMAZING 'Sweet' 16 you are ripped away from your home, your country, your BIRTH PLACE!

But, maybe it all pays off… read and see.


3. CHAPTER 3: School Again

I woke up at 6:00am today. Why so early?… I was really excited to see Luke and the gang today, so I jumped out of bed and took a really fast shower.

I then got dressed and curled my hair, followed by getting my shoes on eating breakfast… the usual… blah blah blah.

"Autumn today I start my new job!" My mom said excited "I can't take you to school today, and I can't drive you to take a drivers test any time this week."

"That's ok I'll walk to school" I said "and the drivers test can wait till next time."

My mom not bringing me to school mean't that I would maybe get to walk with Luke! OH YEAH! The drivers test, I was upset but nothin' could kill my mood getting to walk with Luke with out AWKWARDLY telling my mother.

"Well ok! Byeee! I'm gonna be late for school!" I yelled to my mom as I ran out the door.

"Bye love you!" She said back. Just as I ran out the door Luke was just walking out of his driveway.

"HEY!" Luke exclaimed "SUP!"

"SUP!" I repeated back "How you doing?"

"Since when did you start walking every day?" He joked.

"Since I figured out I had somebody AWESOME to walk with!" I joked back flicking his arm as he smiled and laughed a little.


She just called me awesome! Wow. I didn't know what to say so I just played along.

"Nah! I'm not the awesome one…" I said.

"Then who is?" She asked me.

"This GIRL!" I said laughing and flicking her hair, then she turned RED!

"I THINK SHE LIKES ME!!" I said to myself in my head "YESSS!" I mean she is so beautiful.

Time to get da flirt on!


When Luke said I was awesome I couldn't help but turn RED.

I hope he didn't actually see me blushing, WHAT UF HE KNOWS I LIKE HIM! I would die! I hope he likes me back.

----------skip to school----------

I came into the school and walked to my locker, got all my stuff, went to class, and sat in my seat next to Luke.

"Hello again!" Luke said "I haven't seen you in like a whole two minutes!"

I started to giggle, he is so funny. What he said was not funny it's how he said it. I wish I could explain it but he tried to sound like a cowboy or something.

-------skip to lunch-------

At lunch I sat by Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. We just sort of made jokes and laughed the whole time, then Calum laughed so hard that his drink CAME OUT OF HIS NOSE! But the funniest part was that it went all over Michael!!!!

We were laughing so hard that we could barely walk to class, I had to try like two times to get up! Then Luke picked me up and set me on my feet, I was really embarrassed when he said if my side hurt too much he would carry me to class!

"Ummm… uhhh… nah I'm good!" I told him.

"Ok" he sounded kind of disappointed.

"I'm gonna head to class. BYEEE!" I said as I waved and walked away.


I was so stupid to say that. She must think I'm a weirdo.

"Uh, I'm Luke! Can I carry you to class!" I heard a voice behind me say.

"Not cool" I turned around "Stop Ashton!" I punched Ashton in the arm, playfully.

"Hahahahahahaha!" The guys said fake laughing!

"Hey just cause I think she's beautiful, doesn't mean you gotta be mean! What if she hears man! She think I'm a WIERDO!" I explained to them.

"Ok" they all said as if I ruined the fun.


After I walked off to go to class and when around the corner and saw a girl with long, blonde hair and light blue eyes like Luke's.

"Hi are you the new girl?" She said "I'm Addie!"

"Oh, um yeah!" I said "my name is Autumn!"

"I can't believe you hang out with those cute guys!" She said excitedly "I don't hang out with them cause I like one of them but by face turns BRIGHT RED when I'm around him!"

"It's no big deal!" I said "wanna hang out some time?"

"Oh SURE!" She said as her eyes lit up.

"Yay my first ACTUAL friend that's a girl!" I exclaimed "I can't talk to the boys about stuff that girls talk about so YAY!"

"YAY!" We both screamed.

"So who is it that you like?" I asked her.

"I'll tell you that later!" She answered "can I come to your house?"

"Sure" I said "What's your number I'll call you when I get home! then we can hang out GRL!!!"

------skip to end of school--------

Luke walked with me again to my house and invited me to come over again. When I got home I waited for my knew friend, Addie, to come over.

I heard a knock at the door. "Hi!" Addie exclaimed.

"SUP!" I said back "Oh, Luke invited me over to listen to his band play and I couldn't say no… so wanna come?"

When I thought her grin couldn't get any bigger, she pretty much looked like the cat off of Alice and wonderland.

"OF COURSE!!!!" She screamed with excitement.

"Oh hey, Addie, you never told me which guy you had a huge crush on…" I said curiously looking at her with my devious smile.

So sorry I didn't update sooner!!!! Hope you LOVED the chapters so far, will try to update again soon. XOXO✌️😁

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