The Guys Next Door

My Name is Autumn and I live in Texas, or at least I LIVED in Texas. I moved to Sydney, Australia on my 16th BirthDay "Woo so FUN…��."
IMAGINE: For your 16th birthday instead of having an AMAZING 'Sweet' 16 you are ripped away from your home, your country, your BIRTH PLACE!

But, maybe it all pays off… read and see.


2. CHAPTER 2: The First Day

It was Wednesday morning I woke up at about 6:30am and got dressed. I put on a black Nirvana T-shirt, my leather jacket, black skinny jeans with rips in the knees, and my black Vans.

I grabbed all by supplies and sat et the table for breakfast. I ate and by the time I was done it was 7:00am "do you want me to drive you?" My mom asked "sure" I said. I hopped in the car and drove to school.

When I got there I went to the office to get my locker number and class schedule. My first period was math… UGH! If you haven't noticed I HATE math. I found my locker and got my books out of it, then I went to class.

When I walked into math class I met my teacher, Mr. Waybourn, and I shook his hand. "Hello, miss…" he said looking at me to finish his sentence "oh… hi I'm Autumn" I said nervously "hello, miss Autumn! Nice to meet you! You will sit there" he exclaimed pointing to an empty desk.

It was in the corner next to a… really… HOT blonde guy wearing almost the SAME thing as me! (Minus the leather jacket) I walked to my desk and sat down. "Hello, I'm Luke" the hot blonde said smiling and holding his hand out. I was probably blushing, HARD CORE! I shook his hand "hi, I'm Autumn" I said with a little giggle.

----------skip to lunch------------

After I got my lunch I walked to a tree I the front of the school, we eat outside, then I saw Luke and some other guys walking towards me "Hi Autumn!" Luke said "do you mind if we sit with you?"

I started to blush again "oh… uh… yeah. Why do you wanna sit by me?" I asked "ok! Oh and we sit by this tree every day so…" he explained.

"Oh!" I said as I scooted over a little.

"Oh, hey dudes this is Autumn!" He introduced pointing "Autumn this is Ashton, Calum, and Michael!" They all smiled and said "Hi Autumn!" Almost at the same time.

------------skip to walk home------------

After school I called my mom and told her I knew the way home and that I would just walk, because I felt like it. As I began to walk down the road I heard somebody behind me. I turned around I had a million thoughts go through my head and began to sort of panic.

IT WAS LUKE! "Hi, can I walk with you?" He asked speeding up to where he was walking beside me. I looked up with a HUGE grin "oh hi! Luke sure!" I said nervously

"cool" he said.

"So where do you live?" I said after a while "I mean… not trying to be a stalker or anything!"

"That's fine!" He answered "I live just down that road" he pointed to the road I lived on.

"COOL!" I said excitedly "I live on that street too!"

"Wait…" he asked "are you my new neighbor?"

"Am I?" I questioned back "ummm......" I didn't know how to answer.

"Did you move in… yesterday?" He said curiously

"yes…" I said with a squeak

"I guess you are my nieghbor!" He concluded "that's pretty cool! You know those guys, my friends? Well we have a band, you should come over and hear us play!"

"That sounds," I answered "AWESOME!"

"We'll how about today?" He asked stopping in his drive way "can you come over today by ANY chance?"

"I don't know…" I said with a thinking face "um… I'll think about it and I probably have to ask my mom! She probably won't just let me go any where! Especially since it's my first day here…"

"Ok see you then, maybe!" He yelled from down his drive way as he ran inside the door.

I went into my house, I still can't get over how big it is, and I walked up the stairs and went into my bedroom.

"Hey sweety!" My mom yelled from the kitchen down stairs "how was your first day?"

I ran down and into the room my mom was in "hmm?" I asked "do what?"

"How was your first day?" She repeated "and who was that boy I saw you talking to?"

"It was good" I answered the first question then I started to turn around.

"Where do you think your going?" She said as I turned.

"Um… to my room…" I said pointing and smiling.

"I asked you a question!" She snapped "who was that boy… hmm? Do you like him? Is that why you don't wanna answer?"

"That was Luke and do I like him? That is outrageous!" I reasoned with her, or at least tried "I just met him!" She knows me too well.

"Well what did he say to you?" She kept trying yo interrogate me.

"He is a friend, and he asked me to go listen to his band play this afternoon!" I said turning around "now, if you'll excuse me I will be going to do my HOMEWORK!" I had a lot of homework to do, well like one page.

After I was done with my homework dinner was done so I ate and asked my mother if I could go and listen to his band play while it was still light out. To my surprise, she said YES!!! I walked over and knocked on Luke's door "Hi Autumn you're just in time the boys just got here!" He exclaimed "we'll start playing as soon as I unlock the garage!" He walked over to the garage and unlocked it.

When I walked over the boys were already in there get out Their instruments.

"HEY! SUP!" Ashton said waving.

"Is she gonna listen to us play?" Calum asked as he smiled.

"Yeah, she's is my NIEGHBOR!" He exclaimed "COOL RIGHT?"

"Cool man!" Michael said "hey, isn't she wearing the same thing as you?" he said as I took of my jacket and sat down on the couch in the garage.

"I didn't even notice!" Luke said looking at me " I didn't even notice!" I just kind of looked at Luke and the guys, embarrassed.

"Umm… heh!" I said nervously " I didn't know we were so… uh… alike!" With a BIG smile.

"Oh um" Luke began again "let's play dudes!"

They began to play this song called 'Good Girls' and another they called 'Heartbreak Girl', they were REALLY GOOD!! Luke had amazing voice, which just made me fall for him even more!

Soon it got dark and the boys were finishing the pizza they ordered earlier.

"Um, Luke I have to go!" I gave my goodbyes to everybody "see y'all at school!"


After Autumn left and I gave her an… awkward… hug, the guys started to tease.

"Oooohh…" Calum said "Luke has a… CRUSH!" I turned red.

"What?!?!? Where just friends!" I snapped back "we just met!"

"Sure…" Ashton said squinting, he knew how to get things out of me.

"Err," I gave in "ok, I thinks she's… PRETTY! So what." I should have never said that. All of the guys started to make kissing faces and noises then Ash said "I'm Luke, and I think she is SOO PRETTY!!"

"Hey!" I said stomping "you guys are mean!"

"C'mon man we're just messing with you!" Calum said.

"We already knew you liked her anyway!" Michael added "we just didn't wanna say anything in front of her!"

"WHATEVER!" I said.


OMG LUKE JUST GAVE ME A HUG! My heart was beating so fast. I wondered if he liked me or if he was just being friendly? He is hot! Well I have to go to bed!!! I can't sleep, I'll probably be up ALL NIGHT, if I keep thinking about it!

"UGGHH!" I said aloud to myself "GO TO SLEEP!!" I soon fell asleep bracing myself for what ever might happen tomorrow.

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