The Guys Next Door

My Name is Autumn and I live in Texas, or at least I LIVED in Texas. I moved to Sydney, Australia on my 16th BirthDay "Woo so FUN…��."
IMAGINE: For your 16th birthday instead of having an AMAZING 'Sweet' 16 you are ripped away from your home, your country, your BIRTH PLACE!

But, maybe it all pays off… read and see.


1. CHAPTER 1: The Big Move

It was the worst day ever and I was crying so hard, my stung and my body was weak.

"It is going to be ok, Autumn…" my mother said.

"NO ITS NOT!" I snapped back at her in a whiny voice "and on MY BIRTHDAY!" I yelled running into my bedroom. I heard my mother knock in the door.

"I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" I hissed as she let herself in and sat next to me.

"It is hard for me to leave too, I don't want to but I got a really important job opportunity…" she said " I know you love this place but my new job would, I would get paid like 3 times as much as I get paid now."

I looked up "I know it's important, I just can't leave though" I said as I wiped the tears of of my face "I'm sorry I yelled at you…" I hugged her.

I new it was probably harder for her too be then me. She was born here too and has NEVER been out of this state, Texas was the only place she knew. The little town we lived in was Godley, and no matter how small it was it was a quite amazing place.

I was crying the whole time I packed, waited in the car, and by the time we entered the airport I had cried so much my eyes were puffy and my face was red.

We soon entered the plane, the farther we got away from home the more I missed it. But then all of the sudden a switch flipped in me, it was about an hour from Sydney (our destination), then I just forgot about my home.

After we exited the plane in Sydney, Australia I began to mope around again, leaving the airport.

My mom had already got a house here a week before we had to even fly to Australia. We had a worker from the business my mother was to work for greet us, and then he drove us to our house we had gotten.

IT WAS HUGE!! It was like a mansion and there where other big houses the same size all down the long road. The houses were so big that on that long road there were only about five or six on each side of the street.

We had a car already in the garage and some trees in the front yard. We went into the house and decided which rooms were which. The day was finally over and we went to bed, but I was so nervous tomorrow was gonna be my first day of school IN AUSTRALIA!

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