Christmas Poem

A poem about christmas


1. Christmas Morning

I crept down the stairs at the very first light,

From my bed I'd been lying awake in all night,


The snow drifted down from the window outside,

And the presents indoors where bows had been tied.


I picked up the cat laying down in his bed,

and petted him softly on top of the head.


What a nice morning, crisp, cold and clear,

Santa took cookies and left with reindeer.


I took a deep breath, and let it all out,

enjoying the moment had all to myself


My brothers and parents would soon be awake

And for each one of us there'd be presents to take


I waited and waited, and at last they came down,

We opened the stockings and inside we found:


We munched on the candy canes, chocolate and mints,

enjoying as well the toys Santa sent.


But the moment I held now in my mind

had nothing to do with the presents I'd find


The caring I'd shown to my family that day

But the moment, and love that forever would stay.

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