Tis the season for murder

What happens when Breanna Louise Hathaway gets murdered on Christmas Eve? Will Dectectives Gonzalez, Hemmings, Johnson, and Clifford ever find the killer?


2. Questing The Friends

Luke's POV

My partner and I drove to Breanna Louise Hathaway's school. We walked into the principle's office.

"Hello, I am Detective Hemmings and this is my partner Detective Clifford. Breanna Louise Hathaway was murdered on December 23. Can you tell us about Breanna?" I said to Principle Walters.

"Anna, that's what she told us to call her, she was a straight A student and was a very sweet girl. I've only seen her with two of her friends. Lauren Santiago and Maddison Finch. They always hung out together," Mrs. Walters explained to us.

"We're going to speak to Lauren and Maddison," said Michael.

"Okay, they are in that classroom right there," said Principle Walters.

The girls walked out of the classroom.

"Maddison Finch? Lauren Santiago?" we asked the girls.

"Yes?" they answered.in unison.

"Do you know about Breanna Louise Hathaway?"

"Yes, she is our best friend," said Lauren Santiago.

"Why? What happened to her?" asked Maddson Finch.

"She was killed," I said.

"How?" wondered Lauren.

"By who?" questioned Maddison.

"That's what we're trying to figure out," responded Michael.

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