Tis the season for murder

What happens when Breanna Louise Hathaway gets murdered on Christmas Eve? Will Dectectives Gonzalez, Hemmings, Johnson, and Clifford ever find the killer?


7. More Suspects?

Michael's POV

We brought the girls to the station  and set them down in two seperate rooms. Luke went into the room with Maddison Finch and I went into the room with Lauren Santiago.

"Tell me about your relationship with Breanna Louise Hathaway," I demanded.

"She my best friend. Maddison know Breanna way before I did. She knew Breanna since second grade I only known her since last year. Breanna was kind of girl who liked party. She may been shy at school but she wild outside school. Her parents was strict but they loved her. That is all I tell you about her. Sorry," explained Lauren.

"Okay, where were you and Maddison the night she was killed?"

"Wait, you're assuming that we kill her?"

"No, I never said that."

"Bre were with us and we went to party. It was Chandler party. We had fun. You talk to Maddison for more information."

Luke's POV

"Tell me about your relationship with Breanna Louise Hathaway."

"I've known her since the second grade."

"Where were you and Lauren December 23? The night she was killed?"

"Are you saying that we killed Breanna?"

"I never said that. I'm just wondering if she was with you two?"

"Yes, she was."

"Where were you three?"

"We were at my house."

"What were you doing at your house?"

"Watching a movie."

"What movie?"

"Is it any of your business?"

"Yes. It actually is."

"Prove it."

"I can get a search warrant for your house."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because I'm a cop and I can."

"No, you can't."

"I do what I want."

We walked out of the room.

"I think they've got something to do with Breanna's murder," I said to Michael.

"Yeah, they've definately got something to do with the girl's murder. Lauren said they were at a party. Maddison said that the three were at her house. I want you guys to go to talk to Maddison and find out where they were and what they know about Breanna's murder or murderer," said the DA, Calum Hood, walking up to us.

Michael's POV

We walked into the room with Maddison.

"Ok, Maddison. You need to tell us. Do you have anything to do with Breanna's murdder? Or know anyone who might have something to do with the girl's murder?" I asked the stubborn girl.

"I don't know anything about Bre's murder, but I think I know someone who might. Carter Matthews, Bre's boyfriend, or Sam Evans, her brother's best friend," she answered.

"Who's her brother?" Luke wondered.

"Alex. He's basically in charge of her and Taylor. He's the oldest," she replied.

"Now, you are going to need to write me the address on this note card," I demanded.

Maddison wrote down the address.

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