My Weird Diary Thingy

Just a diary for my life
I won't update every day. Just the days something happened or I need to vent.


1. Nov. 26, 2014

So today seemed pretty uneventful until I got to my fifth period class, Biology. I walk in and sit at my desk, which just so happens to be surrounded by most of the guys who torment me. Thankfully, they decided to leave me alone today. Anyways, the teacher had us do a "free write" thing, but it wasn't free. Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, she had us write a letter to someone in the class (they would be randomly assigned), and we have to say something nice about them. It also has to be five complex sentences. About 1/4 of the class torments me, 3/8 I don't really know, 1/4 I guess I'm OK with, but they're annoying, and the last 1/8 are the people I actually like. So she is passing them out, and I look at who I had gotten, but I don't know who it is. Fortunately, she had us go around and say are names. Unfortunately, it was one of the guys who tormented me. So I had to write a nice letter to him. I just ended up saying that I don't know him well but he seems funny. The person who write a letter to me was one of the annoying people. She ended up putting how she liked by hair then spouting some inspirational bullshit about how I shouldn't change for other people. So that period was shitty.

Sixth period, I had PE. In PE, we had to ride the bike thingies for six minutes straight and get two miles in. I almost died. I didn't even get 1.5 miles in, and I could barely walk afterwards. So that was fun. Also, a bunch of people walk through the gym during passing period, and two guys from my History class were coming through when they decided to make a "quiet" remark about my outfit. So that period was shitty too.

After all of that, I was about to start crying, so I had to sit through Algebra 2 like I was fine. Not. Fun.

I finally get home, and Mom is all perky and happy, along with my brother. Of course I don't want to ruin their moods, so I put on a fake smile and pretend my day was perfect.

So today has been pretty shitty.

I hope tomorrow is better.

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