My Weird Diary Thingy

Just a diary for my life
I won't update every day. Just the days something happened or I need to vent.


2. Dec. 26, 2014

Hey guys. I thought I should explain why I've been gone for so long (exactly a month, actually; I didn't plan that I swear).

I left a month ago because I didn't feel like I was wanted on here any more. People rarely talked to me. No one would reply when I posted something. I basically just felt ignored. And multiple times I had almost left, but each time you guys would tell me how important I was here and how much you would miss me. And I believed you. I still do. But no one bothered to show it when I wasn't about to leave.

So I left. And now I'm back.

I don't know why (actually, yes I do; I missed you guys and I need somewhere to vent where I won't feel selfish). But here I am.

Anyways, I thought I should update you guys on what all has been happening, as I know you guys are soooo interested in my extremely exciting life *sarcasm*.

Thanksgiving. I don't really remember Thanksgiving that much. My grandparents came. We ate a lot of food. It was pretty boring.

As was the rest of November.

On the 5th, I met a new friend. *jazz hands* Her name is Kate. She's pretty cool. She likes Superwholock. She also told me about Homestuck. I'm not that far.

Other than that, December was pretty boring. I was teased. I was put into a new seat in Biology next to the people who torment me. I talked to Kate. But yeah.

Oh! I also watched the 2 newer Star Wars movies. I ship Spirk. My mom and sister think I'm insane. I'm not that insane. Pffffft.

Christmas. Well to start, I woke up to find that my ear was being ripped in two. Well, that's what it felt like. So I opened my presents while feeling like shit (I got clothes, The Maze Runner movie, 1989, and a small Dean Winchester pop doll thing). I went back to bed, and by noon, I felt a lot better. I watched some Doctor Who and Supernatural. Pretty uneventful.

Today I had to babysit my 3 youngest siblings. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I almost died only 3 times. That's a record.

So yeah. I left, I'm back, my life is boring, new record. Yay.


Love you guys. XOXO,



Edit: I'm also not checking my notifications. I had 522. Not gonna deal with that. So if something important happened, please comment below. Thank.

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