omegle » h.s.

[ lower case intended.
cover credit to exotic♡ ]

"we talked for hours,
and then i fell in love."

All rights reserved. © inzayn


1. sleepover




there are three things that drive me crazy in this world. 1) people who never text back when you've messaged them more than five times in a row. 2) being third wheeled. and 3) omegle.


devastatingly, those things have became the reality of the now.


"no," my best friend, lisa giggled into the phone. "you hang up first."


believe it or not, this has been going on for two hours. with an eye roll, i turned my eyes back to the website; omegle. it was basically a place for boredom or nudity, or both. in my case, it was boredom.


stranger: asl?


you: 17, girl.


stranger has disconnected.


asl was the complete downfall of being rejected. for example; if you're a girl who's talking to a girl, then you are one hundred percent likely to be skipped. and if you're a girl talking to a pedophile, you're most likely going to skip the pedophile no matter what. [ well, unless you're into all that kinky shit. ] all i wanted was just someone to talk to.


 popping my knuckles, i clicked on the 'reconnect' button.


stranger: ay


you: yo


stranger: pls don't ask me asl


you: y r u an 88 yr old man who doesn't want to be discovered?


stranger: lul don't be cute


you: awz ur a girl 2 yay


stranger: no. i'm 100% male


you: or 100% boy*


stranger: ha ha. very funny ._.


you: ur the 1st person who hasn't skipped me yet congrats


stranger: now i feel bad bc i was about to skip you


you: bc u got booty hurt


stranger: tf is booty hurt?11??


you: idek, don't ask me


stranger: i'm harry.


you: o like harry potter eh?


stranger: wOW lets be friends


you: nah


stranger: ur a mean person, anyone ever tell you that?


you: many times


stranger: do u have kik? gotta go bc school




stranger: i wish it was hogwarts, but sadly, more like hell


you: :-( aw well, its @nonigga


stranger: srsly or


you: lmao no, its @alexcole


stranger has disconnected.


looking up from my laptop, i spotted lisa crying quietly.


"uh, what happened?"


"he hung up."


with a raised eyebrow, i laughed. "one way or another, one of you had to."


i loved lisa, don't get me wrong, but she sure was a pain in the ass sometimes.


a minute or two later, my phone beeped, indicating that i received a message.




scowling down at my phone, i quickly wrote back.


alexcole: correction, asshole; i'm 17. and what are you, like, 60???


5 seconds later:


harrystyles: do i rlly look 60 in my profile pic??111? :-(


with curiosity, i clicked on his profile, and there staring back at me was a boy no older than i was. he had locks of curly  brown hair and piercing green eyes. his arms seemed to be circled around a petite girl, her mouth wide open as if she were laughing. believe or not, he's probably the hottest guy i've ever seen in my life.


alexcole: you could've gotten that off google or somethin'


harrystyles: and i laugh. well talk to you soon alex. (;


"who are you texting?" lisa smiled.


"no one."


"don't lie to me, alex. you were smiling at something, what was it?"


"ugh!" i groaned, "is it a crime to smile at nothing?"


after i said that, i made sure lisa wasn't looking, and the biggest smile sprawled across my face.

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