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[ lower case intended.
cover credit to exotic♡ ]

"we talked for hours,
and then i fell in love."

All rights reserved. © inzayn


2. skype?



  "why are you just staring at your phone like that?" my father questioned me with an arched eyebrow. "i swear," he muttered under his breath. "back in my day, we didn't have all this technology crap and we just went outside."


 "dad, i'm sorry that i didn't live in the olden times, but could you please get out of my room?" with a sigh, i switched on my phone to see the two words i've been dodging all week. no messages.


 "kids these days." after the door had shut, i grabbed my computer and went on omegle.



stranger: hi.


me: hi.


stranger: nudes for nudes?


you have disconnected.


unfortunately, there was no one to talk to.


my phone beeped, and i smiled.


lisa: i love you, babe. call me.


alexcole: uh, alright???


lisa: shit. that was meant for my bf, sorry alex.


with a frown, i buried my face into my pillow and screamed. that harry styles guy said he'd talk with me soon and like, seven days later, there had been no kik messages and boredom managed to creep its way into my skin. friends are what i needed, but sadly, the only person i could stand at school was lisa who didn't understand the meaning, 'bros before hoes.' and yes, i just went there.


 two hours later, the sound of heaven sang in my ear. (meaning, my phone beeped)


harrystyles: wtf y did u spam me


alexcole: bc ur a liar


harrystyles: o srry, been busy


alexcole: i smell the bullshit from one thousand miles away <333


harrystyles:  1thousand miles away?


alexcole: yeah, you ship


alexcole: shit*


harrystyles: lovely knowing that you ship us ;-)


alexcole: nO


harrystyles: anYWHOwhyd you spam me??1?


alexcole: i was bored and there was no one to talk to


harrystyles: u have no friends or


alexcole: shut up. i have one <3


harrystyles: one?


alexcole: yeah, her name is lisa (-:


harrystyles: and 2 think that i was your only friend


alexcole: but i don't even know if ur face is ur face or not


harrystyles: it is. (-:


alexcole: prove it.


harrystyles: do you have skype?


alexcole: wait i was joking


harrystyles: too bad i'm not. skype?


alexcole: same as user


i was shaking. from nerves, or from whatever else. five minutes later, my computer rung.






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