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"we talked for hours,
and then i fell in love."

All rights reserved. © inzayn


3. shy



technically, i'm supposed to do my homework rn but because i'm so happy, here ya go. (-:




my fingers began to tremble, not even sure if i even wanted to go through with this. i was shy, and yeah, through texting i may seem like an good ole' cheery girl, but in reality, i'm the last person anyone besides lisa, would want to talk to. it's been an overall thirty minutes just watching my computer ring and ring, and ring, until my finger accidentally slipped on the 'accept' button.


"hello," a raspy british accent spoke. "ignoring me, now are we?"


i was frozen. not really, but it felt as if the blood flowing through my veins had halted. he was real. he wasn't just a google sited picture. he wasn't just a kik photo. he was fucking real.


"your connection is either lacking," he stated, "or your just surprised. or maybe both. but you may want to keep your mouth closed, and wait-" he smirked, inching closer to the screen. "is that a justin bieber poster in the back?"


embarrassed and maybe a little annoyed, i scoffed. "is there something wrong with justin?"


"and she speaks." harry smirked, a dimple exposed.


"so now that i know you're real, how about we go back to texting?"


he frowned now, a crease between his dark eyebrows. "but like, i'm not in any hurry. why want to leave so suddenly? shy?"

i didn't say anything now, staring down at my hands.


"you? shy?" he busted out laughing that might've melted my insides. "but you seemed so outgoing - sassy, but the wildest sides of girls are just exposed all over the internet now, so i guess i shouldn't be so surprised."


i nodded, not really paying attention to what he was saying, but the background to the location he was in. "are you in a bus?" i asked out of curiosity.


"indeed, i am. the lads and i are in a band. you know, we're new at the whole touring thing."


tour? band? what the hell was this harry styles guy going on about now?


"we're one direction. of course you may haven't heard of it, but you know? start at the bottom, make your way up to the top. jesus, i sound like gandhi  or some shit."


this time i laughed, and i couldn't stop. i wanted to, believe me, but i couldn't. probably the nerves, probably the adrenaline, i didn't fucking know, and out of nowhere, harry began laughing along.


"was it that funny, alex?"


the way my name rolled of his tongue certainly made my heart go boom bOOom boom. "no."


"harry, you shit, i've been looking all over the stage for you, our show's about to start. who the hell are you talking to now?" irish, i realized was the other boy's accent. "ugh, it doesn't matter, just come on!"


harry sighed deeply, and glanced towards the screen. "got to go, we'll talk very soon."


very soon.


i wanted to laugh at that.


"wait- before i leave, what's your number?"


"my number?"


"yeah, i mean, so i can call you and stuff."


"harry, i know what a number is for." rolling my eyes, i gave it to him.


the computer screen went dark and all i wanted to know was, what the hell did I get myself into?




horrible, i know. but yay third chapter. c:




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