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[ lower case intended.
cover credit to exotic♡ ]

"we talked for hours,
and then i fell in love."

All rights reserved. © inzayn


4. phonecall


 i was starting to imagine a life without having a friend. would my life be less irritating than it was? my phone buzzed with exactly eighty four text messages from all the same human beings, or a human being- lisa.


lisa: you looked amazing in your underwear.



lisa: remember last night?



lisa: hey babe, you ignoring me?



and excreta.


i knew that i should've told her she's been texting the wrong person this whole time, but as sick as this sounds, it was entertaining. but, i decided to draw the line when she claimed that she had been crying.


alexcole: ffs lisa, wrong number again. get a new name for your boyfriend or something.


lisa: srry :-(  omg you didn't read anything, right?


yeah. everything.


alexcole: no, i would never do that.


through the week, it's been hell. i could be over exaggerating, but that's basically what boredom was. my dad came in my room a couple of times, calling me names, such as, "a lazy bum who deserved to be kicked on the curbs without wifi" and an, "internet addict."  i could care less, really.


then it was my twenty two year old brother, danny, trying to give 'sibling' advice. "get your ass up from that bed or i'll drag you off."  yeah, much respect, big brother.


but i would get up just to do the smallest things, but only when everyone was out of the house. like; taking showers, eating food, brushing my teeth, taming my hair. i was lazy yeah, but not to the point where i smelled like shit. after all that, i would casually jump back into my bed.


very soon: (n) in the near future.


harry styles was one confusing motherfucker and i hated being confused, or patient. but this month, that's all i've ever been. my patience level was now at the zero mark, and i know he was on tour, (from what he had mentioned) but after every show, the least he could do was just leave a message. apparently not.


one direction.


who the hell were they? harry did say that they weren't really big, but did they even exist? google. thank god for a reliable, trust worthy site who would never disappoint.


typing in, 'one direction,' my mouth gaped open from the thousands, and thousands, and fucking thousands of links.




a pop band on the rise for fame.


band is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.


who is one direction?


harry styles, louis tomlinson, zayn malik, niall horan, and liam payne interview. 



one direction was definitely real, and harry styles was definitely not lying.


hours later, my phone buzzed with a song that i must've put in when i was in the phase of metallica. jumping up from my spot, i put the phone to my ear.




"alex, how are you? it's harry."


"yeah, alright."


"you seem chipper." he said, sarcasm lingering in his british accent.


"aren't i always?" i grin.


"you should be, i mean, i am talking to you."


coughing into my fist, i answered back. "conceded."


in the background, were voices.




"uh- no, i mean, yeah. got to go, i'm sorry."


the call ended with a high pitched girl's voice saying his name.


letting out a laugh, i shook my head. what an asshole.











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