senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


11. trust

It was twords the end of the day and you really did not want to go to math. Because the guys had that class with you. After 20 minits harry relised somthing was wrong. " exuse me math teacher may i go to the office" "why harry" "oh um i just relised i forgot i had a really important paper to give to the princpal" "yes you may" "thanks". The rest of the boys new harry was lying he wanted to find you. He ran to the office and into the office hallway and into the princeapals office. "hello mam do you know where y/n is" " oh es its terible she is at the hospital" "thanks bye" harry said he ran out and took a bus 25 miles to the hospital. harry ran inside the woman at the desk said "name" "y/n y/l/n" "oh yes room 119 " "ok". Harry ran once more in the room. "y/n what happend" "at at lunch i was walking downstairs to the cafitra and triped off the railing and fell" "oh no are are you alright" "lets see what do you think" " oh" "you should be in math" "i would rather be with you"

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