senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


12. talk

"harry you dont care" " thats not true your the only one i can tell " "tell what harry you lied once you lied to me guess  i should be used to it the only one i can trust is my mother and father my father is in new york on a job he is there for 3 years before he can come back just so he can work extra for my books when i go to collge you get everything you want when you want it im not jelous but you own a million dollar manchin that your family live in and you own it i mean come on im not the girl you are looking for just go harry" "no no im never leaving your side y/n you may not be super rich but you think i care i could care less if i could i would grab you right out of the hospital bed and take you to anywher you want to go" "harry we have only known each other 3 weeks" "please y/n i i" "you what" "i love you" "no stop please" "y/n your just afraid yes i have had past girlfriends and i tought i loved them but i didnt have what we have together" "you said you wouldnt fall in lov lov love" you said as you past out and stoped breathing. "nurse doctor help". They came back in and hooked you up to a breathing machine. Meanwhile you started breathing but still unconsiou harry was pasting back in forth in the waiting room. "harry were were you". the boys ran in. "i um y/n is uh in the um a hos hospital i new some something was uh wrong the prinecapal told me that a she um a end ended up in the hos hospital she uh um she she fell off the rail railing she um was wob wobly she was walking dow down and she uh um a she lost lost balence and uh she just a stoped breath breathing and uh she um she just started a agin and a um she uh is a still still passed ou out" "thats terible she break any bones" "yeah she a broke a le le leg an an and a arm and fractured her a collor bone got a con con con concushion" just then the doctor came up. "uh witch of you boys are liam niall louis zayn" " we are" " she reqesed you boys and said that mr.styles could not enter".

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