senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


8. school

The next day you tried to avoid harry acashnally running into the others. " y/n please stop ignoring me" "your just like every other stupid person i have met you dont care about me at all your just like the rest of this anoying town" "y/n please thats not true" "yes it is i thought you were diffrent but your not" . you said running into the girls bathroom. "y/n im not i do care about you yes i have brought other girls to my house bu your special" harry said pounding on the door. You started sobbing. "please y/n just dont cry". Harry thought for a mooment before running in. He ran in finding you on the far side sobing and banging your head aginst the wall. "dont stop it y/n you are worth a lot to me stop hurting your head". You fell to the ground unconsis. Harry ran out screaming at the boys that were joking around. He scream "call 911 she unconsious'". Liam pulled out his phone dialled 911 and........... "hello this is 911 how may i help you" "my best friend and his girlfriend were in a fight word fight she got mad at him for somthing last night we are at the school and she ran into the bathroom and and and" "calm down sir " " he was banging on the door and she started crying and a he said she was banging her head agiist the wall and ah aha ah she um passed out he ran out and said call 911" "ok sir we are sending an abulance". About 30 seconds the abulance came in with a strether ran into the bathroom and you got put on there harry was running with them back in the abulance. People were saying " she deserves it" "she never did anything anyways". The other ran outside got in louis car and followed the ambulance. 

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