senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


15. school after hospital

it was 1;35pm time for math upstairs but your school had no elevaitors and you could not stand you rolled the chair over to stairs and just sat. "y/n you ready" "for what harry" " well you got to get to math so im bringing you" harry said with the boys behind him and he picked you up bridal style bringing you up the stairs with the boys caring the wheel chair. "get used to this because im caring you just like this out of the park when we get married" "dont be rediculass harry no one is gonna marry me" "your right because im maring you first" niall started " if harry wasnt gonna marry you i would your persanality is amazayn and you are so beautiful and you dont care what people think about you" "yeah" harry said putting you back in the wheel chair . "you can go boys imm gonna roll her to math" "ok". just then harry stood on a desk in the hall way. "listen up everybody" he screamed the boys and everyone else turing around. "y/n y/m/n y/l/n will you marry me" everyone looked suprised. The jerks there did not think you could get married they did not like you but harry and the boys did. "harry yes" you said crying.

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