senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


6. restraunt

you and harry walked into the restraunt and sat down with the boys. "hey y/n " they said at the same time. "hi boys" "oh uh im sorry i dont have money on me" "no worries we will pay" "thank you boys so whats your most recent album" "oh i see harry told you" harry had a grin on his face. "its four" harry said. the waiter came up. "what can i get you guys to drink and eat". zayn said all your orders. It was about fifteen minuits later when your food came out. You guys ate and left and got into louis car this time. "mice car" "thanks love". you and them pilled into the car. "becarefull y/n louis cant drive" "shutup niall" louis said. "i am not that bad i will try to drive better when the lady is in the car" "oh are you the ladys man in the group" "uh no sweethart thats hazza............... harry" "oh you didnt tell me you were a player" "im not i promise love" "are you guys from the united kingdom" "yap but nialls from mulliinger ireland" "oh turn there thats my house". Louis turnned at screched into your driveway. "thats the trailer right there" you said pointing. "nice house" "oh sorry some of us dont have millions of dollars and cant afourd a mansion". You walked the boys to the door and knocked. "hi mother this is louis niall zayn liam and harry" "oh hi boys" "hello love" "you seem very entergetic" "trust me we are" said louis you elbowed him. As you told them where evrything was.

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