senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


3. rec room

"so here is the rec room" "oh lets play twister" they ran to get twister. "dudes we got to be out by 1;30 thats when they have play time" "ok". 8 mintis later twisted was set up perfectully. "lets let the lady go first" said harry. " right handred". harry went next. "left hand yellow". then louis. "left foot green" then zayn. "right hand blue" then niall. "nialler got da da da right foot red. "zayn its your turn" "right hand blue". by the end you hand both hands down and both feet across the board harry was ove you with niall under you and the rest were out. Bam. You all colapsed. 

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