senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


4. rec room 2

You all colapased. "y/n are you ok" "yeah im fine im used to being pushed hi/t and slaped" "well thats no way to treat a beautiful lady" said zayn and harry. "trust me it happens everywhere i go i hate when they insult me and harm me but thats what they do so i hate to say it but im used to it it happens everyday" "y/n can i speak to you in private" "i guess". Haryy grabed your hand and took you to the cornor the rest of the boys joking around and laughing at what happend during twister. "is there a court yard" "yeah right out there". harry looked out the window.  "meet me and the boys there after school" "ok why" "dont ask questions just know we will never break your heart or hurt you you are beautiful you should believe that you are strong you are perfect the way you are i love you" 'wow ok we just met and i am none of those thiungs if so i am the opisite school ends 2;50 i will meet You at three" "ok and yes you are beautiful". You walked them to there lockers and left to use the rest room it was only 17 minuits till school got out.

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