senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


1. Math

it was right after lunch the most boring class. MATH. About to fall asleep when. "y/n the princepal wants ou in her office now". Everyone was pointing and laughing at you.( " oh guess your in trouble agin" " cant you go a week without detition" "lol have fun in the office") "Now class thats enough". Right then you walked out of room 408 heading across campus to class. As you were walking in the boring plain halls with the blue lockers in them you were thinking. I wonder what they want now. Maby its about breaking the bathroom meeres and righting on them. you did that yesterday. The big sign office obove your head and the big wood dor. pulled the door open and slowley walked in. You sat down in the old wood chairs. "the principal wishes you to see her". That was the code from the secatary go into the office. open a nother door walked through the hallway. and into mrs.collinteders office aka the princeapal. There were five boys there. "hello y/n these are harry niall liam louis and zayn they are new and you will be showing them around. " i don remember signing up for this" "you didnt you get out of al your classes for the week but no skiping you will be showing them around we have five buildings you will show them around one building per day dont think about skiping young lady we will have someone watching you where you go" "well ok then". Starting today. You and the boys left the office harry making sure he held every door for you. " Lets put are numbers i to your phone" "ok but mine phone is in my locker level three liam" "well show us" said harry. "ok follow me". You were walking down the hallway as people were throwing trash at you. " stop throing trash this girl dosent desereve that" said the boys. one girl named elianee came over to the boys. " she deserves every bit of what we do to her". she walked off. You felt like crying but you did not want to cry infront of the boys. they and you kept walking.

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