senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


10. Hospital

"harry" niall yelled. Harry was laying on the floor . "dang are you ok" "i um i a a am ha hav having tro troble b breathing". Harry started hyperventalating. " get a doctor" niall shouted at Louis. Louis ran to the desk they came out with a breathing machine and a bodle of water and meddicen. "sir can you get up" "um m my g girl is in the the ro room" "i understand can you sit up" "i i a um y yeah" he said standing up and sitting in the waiting chair. THe nurSe gave him a breathing treatment and he took the medicin. "harry your getting to worked up" "shutup niall " "harry just calm down dude" "dont tell me what to do" "harry calm down" "not you to zayn"  "harry" zayn yelled. "What What if she dies this its its all my fault im i did bring home other girls i did not do anything its my fault if dies its my fault i i broke her heart it me its not her i deserve to die"            " harry dont be crazy" "no stop its my fault". a doctor came out. "y/n y/l/n" "yes" the boys said at the same time." ahh yes she just woke up you may visit her but be carefull" "oh gosh thank you" Harry said. He got up and ran to the hospital room."y/n". harry said. You rolled over. "please dont be mad" "harry im at the fricken hospital the only guy i ever actually had a crush on i found he was a player i passed out" "look im sorry i i" "what harry" "i love you ok" . you started to get up and walk out of the room. "y/n wait your just afraid" "afraid of what" "afraid afraid that someone might actually love you" "they they said i could leave and come back in 3 days bye harry"

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