senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


7. home

you showed the boys around the house. "this is my room" "nice i love your house" "want to come see ours" "uh sure". You walked out and got back in the car. Louis drove to harrys house. "wow this house looks bigger than the intire park that i live in" you said as you pulled up. Harry rang the door bell. Gemma anwserd. "hello gemma you know the boys this is y/n" "hello y/n mom harry brought home another girl" "gemma please" "come in guys". You and the boys walked into the kitchen. "well hello im anne" "hi" "harry this one looks good" "mom please". They showed you around the big house. " y/n this is my room" "yep lots of memories" said niall. "it looks nice" "thank you" "harry" "yeah" "what didyour mom and your sisters mean by other girls" "uh" "oh y/n harry just brings lots of girls in and then we see them a few times and they stop coming around" said his mom questonly she was standing at the door way. "harry im going to be in the laudry room if you need me"  she said as she walked into the other rooms. "harry" "look y/n its true but you are the one i promise" "save it for the next girl your just  player" you said running out of his room down the stairs and down the road. Before you left harry hollared "im sorry". It did not matter you know the truth.  

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