senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


2. day 1

" you just let them treat you like that" said niall zayn and louis. "yeah pretty much if i do anything they will make it ten times worse and if your wondering why i dont cry its because i dont cry infront of people" " your safe with us" " Zayn i am not safe anywheare in this town" "where do you live" "harry i will not tell you where i live its nowhee you need to be" "ok then" "heres my locker". Pointing at a locker with mean words written on the front. "dont let them do this to you tell " "they have been doing it starting in 3rd grade i have tried the treachers here could care less about any of these students". It was silent till you got your phone. "why is your phone so small" they said as you put your number into there phones and they put there numbers into your phone. "because im not stuck up or rich i got this phone when i turned thirteen" "ok". after you were done. "well were to now" "well what do you want to see the gym library rec room" " rec room" said harry. "thats where little kids have resess". We walked in the room.

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