senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


5. Courtyard

You were walking to the courtyard when you got there you saw harry on the bleachers. "hello" "hey how are you" " same i was 20 miniuts ago" "so" "well i just walked down the hallway full of people laughing at me so yeah i dont care" "you dont care what people think of you do you" "i do not care what they think of me this is my senior year i can and will do what i want and no one can stop me" "i would love to be like that but the social media hate gets to me" " uh ok how many followers do you have" "well all our fans suport us so it dosent get to me a lot but sometimes it gets me thinking" "who are ytou you seem pretty self confiedent all my fans" you said doing an inpression of him. "you mean you dont recnise me im harry styles" " uh nope name sounds familer" "whats your favirote song" "uh diana by one direction" "i sing that im in one direction" "oh thats why you looked familer" " hey you want to grab a bite to eat im suposed to meet the boys at a restraunt a few miles away i can give you a ride" " uh yeah i that sounds good" " well follow me to my car" . You and harry got in his car. His car was blue with a sun roof. " Oh you think thats what im letting you ride in" "uh" "thats my car but your a lady so i called my limo" "ok rich kid" "insults" "well you live in a million dollar mashion by yourself you own six cars and you have a limo and a driver you have sicurty gards" "hey those gaurds dont follow me if i say no" just then the long white limo pulled up. Harry walked and oppend the door for you. You stepped inside and harry told the driver where to go. "hey y/n can we visit your house after" "uh yeah i guess but my moms home" "oh ok we will be nice" "ok thank you"

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