senior year

new students arive at your school niall harry liam louis zayn and you show them around


9. ambulance

" shes not breathing" "please save her" "calm down we are trying". They shocked her back to life. Harry was sitting in the ambulance crying.  "y/n dont leave me please i love you". Harry picked up your hand kissed it. "Please y/n i know you hear please dont go im sorry i promise your the only one i love you please i will explain everything please dont leave me please your the only one who cares". Just then the abulance rushed you in the hospital harry running on the left side of the streacher.  they rushed you in a room and told harry he had to wait in that floors waiting room. RING. Harry ansered the phone it was zayn. "hey man your on speaker" "o o okay" harry was still crying. "hazza guess who" "L louis stop m m my g girl i is in the ha ha hospital" "ok im sorry what floor are you on where on the first level " "um i uh think i i am ah ah on fl floor 48" "ok see ya". 

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