Battle of the bands

The band The Secrets We Tell are rivals with 5sos have to go on tour together will they survive? (Also this is kinda offensive at first but it gets better! Also this is from Addi's perspective.)


5. Chapter 4.

It was the day of the camping trip that everyone was dreading! Everyone started packing you know like clothes, hair and tooth brushes, hair products, shoes, etc. after we finished packing we walked to the van. Calum for some reason sat right next to me and I knew this will be crazy! He keeps staring at me and I want to just kiss him or at least talk to him but I'm afraid he'll say something rude.

After the boring car ride~

We all started piling out of the car and grabbing our bags. There were only four tents so we had to share! I read a note on them "1 boy 1 girl per tent! And I mean it! Love, your manager" I groan when I feel Calum grab my arm. "Hey wanna share a tent?" Calum ask as he flashes those adorable puppy eyes and the pouty lip. I nod still staring at those beautiful brown eyes.

After setting up the tent~

We start to drag our bags into the big tent and we both sit on our blowup mattress. I tuck a few strands of hair behind my ear and see Calum staring at me. I'm trying to restrain myself until he jumps on my mattress and wraps his strong arms around me. "PLEASE TAKE ME BACK I WAS STUPID I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!" We both shout clinging onto each other. Soon we are cuddling on the mattress until we here footsteps. I push Calum off my mattress and he rolls onto his then we get on our phones and pretend to play a game or something.

The tent unzips and Luke walks in "Erm Addi, Marie needs you I guess." Luke says and i stand up before walking out. I see Marie hanging cameras on trees so I walk over "Addi help me hang some cameras please I'm determined to catch Bigfoot!" She says causing me to laugh at her. I grab a camera and put it in my pocket before climbing a tree and sitting on a large branch. I slowly tie the camera to a branch under the one I'm sitting on.

I start to climb down slowly before someone screams causing me to fall halfway down. I fall in someone's arms and I kinda squeal on accident I open my eyes to see Calum. "Who screamed I will literally kill them! I could've died!" I yell and see Ashton I knew it was him he had guilt basically written on his face. I started chasing him and jumped on his back "I COULD'VE DIED BECAUSE OF YOUU!" I shout before getting pulled off Ashton I see him holding back a laugh. I groan as I cross my arms over my chest and pull a pouty face before holding my middle finger up at Ashton.

I'm pulled into my tent and turn to see Calum "You should've let me teach him a lesson that he wouldn't forget!" I accidentally yell while he laughs.

Four hours later~

It was dark and Calum was already asleep on his mattress. I had pushed my mattress near his and got in bed. I slowly fell asleep to the sound of wind blowing the leaves.

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