Battle of the bands

The band The Secrets We Tell are rivals with 5sos have to go on tour together will they survive? (Also this is kinda offensive at first but it gets better! Also this is from Addi's perspective.)


4. Chapter 3.

The nurses were super happy they let us leave and we helped Leslie to the car i opened the car door and slid in the back seat by Delilah and we listened to our music.

At the tour bus~

We walked in and were surprised to see a cake that says "We are sorry as fuck we didn't know you would leave!" We looked at it for a moment then Leslie shouted "FOOD!" We all laughed and I looked at everyone's injuries and shit until I saw mine the cast that was on my leg was basically taunting me!

I grabbed my crutches and went to the bunks and grabbed a teal shirt sleeve shirt and black stretch shorts. I walked to the bathroom and locked the door before changing and struggling miserably to get on my shorts. I walked out well limped but whatever I saw Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael watching tv.

"Ahhhhh!" Someone screamed and I walked to the kitchen to see Delilah and Leslie screaming there heads off and Leslie smacking the floor. I looked closely and saw a raisin "GUYS YOUR HITTING A RAISIN!" I yelled and they stopped before looking closer at the raisin. "Oh." They said as they walked to the tv room. I went to the bunks and snuggled with my monkey stuffed animal. I silently cried into my pillow and fell asleep.

4 weeks later~

We had to get our cast off and just in time to! We had a performance tonight and we promised to show up. I still haven't talked to Calum but he kept looking at me with those big brown eyes that make me want to run over to him and hug him. I've been restraining myself from him but luckily we were already in the car leaving the guys at the tour bus. Delilah was humming a sad tune and I looked at her before she smiled I loved her smile the way it just fits her face perfectly.

At the hospital~

We were waiting in the waiting room until we were all called separately and I was the second one to go. I sat on the bed as the doctor came in and started removing the cast i got bored and started twiddling my thumbs.

At the performance~

We were getting our hair and makeup fixed and they did my hair wrong I was pissed because when they left I had to fix it. "They need to learn how to do hair the way it's always done." Delilah and I mumbled still fixing our hair, we started tuning our instruments for the show and I felt someone staring at me. I cleared my throat before standing up.

A few minutes later~

We were ready to run on stage and perform. We ran on stage smiling and waving I was hit in the face with a condom and looked for the person who threw it until someone yelled "YOU AND CALUM CAN USE THAT LATER!" I gaged at the thought before saying in the microphone "No, I won't need this you do." The girl smiled before whispering to her friend. "Ok well let's do this!" Delilah and Leslie yelled before starting the song.

After the performance~

Calum looked at me while we were putting everything away I glared at him before walking away with Delilah and Marie. Every time I looked at his big brown eyes I wanted to wrap him in a huge hug but I restrained myself he was like my drug and I needed more of him! I got a text from our manager.

Manager: you guys and girls are going camping since you can't learn to love each other!

It was a group message with all of us in it.

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