Battle of the bands

The band The Secrets We Tell are rivals with 5sos have to go on tour together will they survive? (Also this is kinda offensive at first but it gets better! Also this is from Addi's perspective.)


3. Chapter 2.

I woke up and heard yelling "WE SHOULD GO TO DAT NEW CLUB AND PARTAY!" I groaned and got up. I ruffled my hair before grabbing a baby blue dress and some white dress shoes. I straightened my hair and brushed my teeth. "ADDI ARE YOU AWAKE WE ARE GOING TO A CLUB AT 9:30 PM!" Someone yelled and I yelled back "WELL I WAS ASLEEP BUT SOMEONE WOKE ME UP AND YEAH I'LL GO TO THE CLUB!" I walked in the kitchen and made some waffles. I put the syrup in the microwave.

I made 8 plates with waffles and bacon. I made coffee for myself and I heard everyone run in screaming "FOOOODDD!" I laughed and gave everyone their plates and grabbed my plate with coffee and sat in between Delilah and Calum. "This is amazing you are the new cook of the tour bus!" Leslie and Michael yelled.


The girls were putting on makeup but I just did mascara and some Chapstick. I put my phone and wallet in my white purse and threw in an eos (that amazing Chapstick ball thing). "You guys ready we only have one van so some people will be squished." Ashton said walking outside along with everyone as we piled in the van.

Delilah in the passengers seat by Ashton who was driving. Luke Michael and Calum sat in the back with Marie, and I because Leslie the boring person she is, stayed. Once we got there everyone jumped out and of course paparazzi were waiting for us but luckily security made sure they didn't get in.

"Dam they always know where we are." Luke whispered as everyone nodded. We got in and it was crazy! "Wow this is so cool!" Everyone went to the bar and ordered super strong drinks. Everyone cheered and things got crazy once they started chugging drinks. I was the only one not drinking.

An hour later~

Ashton was taking shots from Delilah's belly button, Luke and Marie were swapping spit, Mikey and Calum were still chugging drinks and me I was getting hit on by drunk dudes so yeah weird bands. I started rounding them all up and taking them to the van.

They kept freaking out about random shit like why it rains even though it's sunny or why people pee and poop and etc. when we finally got home Delilah made me tuck her in and Leslie was already asleep so I had to keep them quiet. Marie is funny when she's drunk she always acts like a baby but sometimes it's really annoying.

I got in my pajamas and got in my bunk. I cuddled my stuff animals and realized its freezing! I pulled the blankets over my shoulders and curled into a ball. I slowly drifted asleep.

I woke up and saw Delilah u gestured her to come in my bunk and explained what happened she looked at her belly button and said "I'm scrubbing my belly button 1 million times!" I laughed and curled into a ball. I saw a note it said "Hey Addi I have a secret to tell. The only reason we are being nice is because said out manager would fire us. Love Calum." I looked at the date he wrote and it was yesterday.

I felt a few warm tears fall down my face on the note I got up and clipped it on the fridge. Calum walked in and he was smiling until I yelled "I can't believe you! Yes you may have been drunk but there is no explanation you can makeup I fucking trusted you but I guess I was wrong!" and shoved the note in his face.

He was frowning as everyone walked in Delilah was still scrubbing her belly button while Ashton was brushing his teeth for like the millionth time. Delilah ran over to me and looked at the note. She glanced at the guys before taking the girls hands and walking us to the bunks. "We are leaving get dressed and pack all your things." Delilah said calmly and we did as told.

I felt like a part of my heart was stabbed. It hurt but I had to go we all packed and walked out of the door my eyes still red and puffy while I felt more tears fall as we got in a van since there were two. I was now crying into Delilah's shoulder and Leslie was driving. "Shhh it's okay." Delilah whispered I loved when she whispered things to calm me down it was nice.

I had fallen asleep. There was a loud crash and pain everywhere but I couldn't wake up! Was I dead? Is everyone else okay I could hear faint screaming and sirens before getting lifted. It was very dark I couldn't see anything "Am I alive!?" I asked/shouted no answer.

I felt something shock and I tried to open my eyes they were stuck and now I was freaking out! There was two more I could only move my hand slightly then I heard people talking "Guys she's waking up her hand moved!" Someone yelled and I whispered "H-help." They started hooking me up on things and I felt my eyes get lighter.

I opened my eyes a bit just to get blinded by white. I saw nurses and doctors running around. My leg hurts and I felt something dripping from above my eyebrow, legs, and arms. A nurse touched it and I cringed a bit. "Sorry you have a few small cuts." She said looking at my legs and arms with a frown.

An hour later~

They said my leg was broken and that I'd have to be on crutches so I can't perform great (sarcasm). They let me use crutches to get around so I went to Delilah's room. She was asleep still crying I walked (with ma new crutches) over to her she opened one eye and smiled when she saw me. I wiped her eyes and hugged her. She had a cast on her arm and her ankle was wrapped. She had a bunch of cuts.

Looking at her eyes you could see the pain. It was hard to look at her in so much pain. I left and went to Leslie's room. She was in much worse condition her chart said she was in a coma. I couldn't help but cry she looked so peaceful I heard whispering and looked at the door to see the guys.

They all had red puffy eyes I glared at them and back at Leslie. I held her hand before pushing past the guys accidentally stepping on Calum's toe with one of the crutches. I walked to Marie I was scared as shit. I walked in and she was kissing Luke so I cleared my throat and they looked at me. Luke awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he backed away.

"How are you Marie?" I asked afraid of the answer. She looked at me and mouthed "Horrible as fuck." She smiled though that is something I like about her no matter how hurt she is, she wears a bright smile! I admire her for many reasons some are kinda stupid but I mean so am I so yeah.

Luke was watching awkwardly watching before running out "What was that about?" I asked and she shrugged.

Two days later~

I woke up and and saw a nurse talking to Calum? Wait what is he doing here? "Oh hey your awake ok so you are able to leave we will text you the date to come and get your cast off." The nurse said "Oh and also your friend Leslie I believe is still in a coma but you can always visit." She said with a smile.

I nodded and when she left I looked at Calum "What the fuck do you want?" I asked raising my voice and he looked at me with a frown "Yes it was true but I'm starting to like you please forgive me." He pleaded as I got up and grabbed my crutches I walked to the door and turned to look at him.

"No I won't forgive you. Just leave me alone until we have to perform." I said looking at the door before going out. I walked to Leslie's room and saw Marie, and Delilah. "Hey." Delilah said wiping her face and yawning. I sat by Delilah and she rested her head on my shoulder. Suddenly I got a call from oh my manager.

"Hello?" I asked to our manager "I heard what happened how are you?" He said and I groaned before saying "Leslie's in a coma I'm in a cast and so is Delilah and Marie. Also we are not working with 5seconds of summer." He groaned "You have to! You have like two months!" He yelled and scared the shit out of me!

He ended and I saw Leslie open her eye from the corner of my eye. "Everyone Leslie woke up!" I accidentally screamed and ran over to her before shouting for the nurse.

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