Battle of the bands

The band The Secrets We Tell are rivals with 5sos have to go on tour together will they survive? (Also this is kinda offensive at first but it gets better! Also this is from Addi's perspective.)


1. Chapter 1.

I was jamming out on stage and Marie was singing like a pro while Delilah was beating those drums crazily good.I looked at Leslie who was running around playing her guitar.I almost tripped because I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.

After the show~

"Hey look its 5sos yay. " Leslie said sarcastically. We all laughed and kept walking until "Talk about satan." Ashton said with a cocky smile as I flicked them off. Marie whispered in my ear "Calm yo self they are-" she was saying until getting cut off by 5sos. We walked away until "Bye sluts." Calum said and I walked up to him and slapped him across the face making him stumble back. "Fuck off." I said walking away.

We had gotten so many hugs and compliments."Bye!" We all shouted as we got in our van and drove home. We were being chased by many fans I was so surprised! "They really like us this is amazing!" Leslie shouted waking Delilah and I up while we were in the back cuddling. I got a text from our manager saying

Manager:Hey you guys must be excited because you are going on tour with 5sos in two days!<3

I groaned and replied

Me:What why noo we hate them!!!;(

At the hotel~

Delilah carried me to the beds because I literally begged her. We made Leslie and Marie carry the bags on a luggage cart. I changed into my two sized to big nirvana shirt and some black stretch shorts and Delilah was in a two sized to big blue shirt that says "Idiot" on the back in white letters. Leslie was in Mickey Mouse pjs and Marie in a long purple short sleeved nightgown. "Cuddle with me Pweeaassee!" Delilah begged and I hopped in bed and we cuddled.

"No wonder people ship you two so much." Leslie said as Marie laughed and took a picture tagging Delilah and I.Then my phone went off "Really you put that picture on twitter?!" Delilah asked and I just nuzzled into her arm slowly falling asleep.

The next morning~

I woke up to see Delilah shaking me gently. "Oh good your awake we want to go to Denny's." She said and I nodded. I put on a black sweater and some red jeans.I grabbed my black converse and slipped them on putting my phone in my pocket. We walked to the van and got in. I laid my head on Delilah's shoulder until someone tweeted on that pick of me and Delilah cuddling. It was Luke what does he have to say?

I looked and he typed "I always knew you were a lesbian!" I groaned and buried my face in her shoulder and she pet my hair like she always did when I was frustrated. "You two might as well date." Leslie said making Delilah and I to blush! We arrived at Denny's to see millions of people holding signs for us and we waved making them scream super loud. We walked in and waited in line a few people came up asking for autographs so we did. We sat at our table and ordered we all talked about Luke's tweet.

Next day~

We woke up and groaned realizing we have to go on tour with the amazing 5sos ugh. It was for like two months so we basically packed everything. Not a lie "Ugh this is so stupid!" I yelled as we pulled up to the tour bus. "Welcome to hell!" Delilah said laughing as we get out with our bags. "How much stuff do you need?" Michael asked laughing at our ridiculous amount of bags "Well it's two months not two days dip-shit." I said as I helped Delilah carry her bags "Look at the lesbians caught cuddling!" Luke said staring at Delilah and I making us put our middle finger up at them and walking on the bus.

I locked the door so they were stuck outside and I giggled walking to my bunk and putting my stuff away. "Unlock this fucking door!" Michael shouted and "Don't cuss!" Ashton said making us laugh until Calum walked out of the bathroom and Delilah tripped him on purpose making everyone in the bus laugh except for Calum who was on the ground. He jumped up and ran to the door and unlocked it. "YOU FUCKING BITCHES THINK YOU CAN LOCK US OUTSIDE?!" Luke screamed making us laugh while they choose the remaining bunks.

We all got in our pjs and the us the best girls took over the tv and watched batman. "You are still watching that lame batman show?" Calum asked as I hit him in the balls laughing while he was on the ground in pain. "You fucking bitch I swear!" He said as Luke Michael and Ashton left to go somewhere. I got up and went to the bathroom locking the door behind me and when I finished my business I washed my hands and unlocked the door to see Calum smirking. I gave him a confused look until he pushed me back in the bathroom locking the door.

"What the fuck Calu-" I asked until getting cut off by Calum pinning me to the wall and kissing me I literally thought I was going to puke. I pushed him off and unlocked the door running to the girls but they were asleep in their bunks so I was afraid to sleep alone. I poked Delilah on her cheeks and she opened her eyes smiling "Delilah can I sleep with you Calum just kissed me and I'm afraid to sleep alone." I said and she nodded lifting the blankets and I got in her bunk closing the blinds.

We both drifted back to sleep. When we woke up and got out of the bunk I put on my red and black button up plaid shirt and my black jeans. Then we saw a note on Leslie and Marie's bunks. It said "Hey guys we had to leave to go to the dentist Leslie needs a cavity filled so we will be back in an hour love Marie and Leslie<3" we shrugged and walked to the kitchen to make some cereal. Calum and Luke were sitting at the table laughing like a bunch of dorks so Delilah asked "Calum Fucking Hood why did you kiss my best friend making her scared to death to sleep alone!?" I hit my face with my own hand because she had to shout it.

"Wait what Calum you kissed Addi. What happened to saying she was a slut?" Luke said/asked Calum just chuckled as Delilah and I made cereal and sitting on the counter "Come sit with us!" Luke said smirking as Calum patted the seat next to him. Delilah and I looked at each other and started laughing luke and Calum had puzzled looks on their faces until Ashton and Michael walked in yawning.

"Why are you in here yelling?!" Ashton yelled scaring the shit out of everyone right as Leslie and Marie come in. "Leslie's face is numb or something I laughed my ass off the whole time!" Marie yells still laughing. I saw Michael day dreaming as he stared at Leslie "Michael we know who you like its kinda obvious!" We giggled as he finally stopped and rubbed the back of his neck "Eghww!" Leslie attempted to say but kinda failed because she was numb. I laughed as Marie, Delilah, Leslie, and I walked into the living room.

We heard the guys whispering but we couldn't figure out what they were saying. We all shrugged and turned on the tv. We skipped a few channels until we saw vampire diaries. "Losers." Ashton murmured loud enough for us to hear "Why are you guys always trying to pick a fight?!" I yelled scaring them and they just stood there. "See we ask you stuff and you pretend to not hear you know what fuck you and fuck your attitude I'm leaving!" I yelled and grabbed my phone and slipped on my black converse.

"Wait Addi." Someone said but I didn't really pay attention just kept walking out the door. I walked to this park nearby and just sat on a bench. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around to see Calum smiling. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked as he sat down "Okay listen I'm a moron I know but I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me." He said with a sincere look in his eye "Well I guess I forgive you. I wouldn't be nice to me if I were you either." I said rubbing the back of my neck he looked at me and then kissed me. At first I blushed but then I realized I liked it a lot I kissed back and felt him smile.

We pulled apart awkwardly smiling "woah." I said and looked at him "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling and I nodded "What will everyone else think though?" I asked with worry in my eyes "The boys are going to ask your lady friends out." He said laughing and I couldn't help but giggle a bit. He grabbed my hand and walked me back to the tour bus. "Stop poking my cheek!" I yelled at Calum and he chuckled quietly.

"Girls may I have a word alone?" I asked as I grabbed their arms and pulled them to the kitchen and we huddled in a circle "what?" Delilah asked "Well Calum and I are a thing." I said waiting for them to yell but they were calm and Marie said "Luke asked me out Ashton asked Delilah and Michael asked Leslie." I smiled "did you guys say yes?" I asked and they all nodded.

Later that night~

I took a shower and when I got out put on my pjs. I carried my hair dryer and straighter to the couch. I plugged in the hair dryer and started blow drying my hair. Then straightened my hair brushing it and put away my hair dryer and straightener. I got in my bunk and scooted towards the wall leaving a space. You never know one of the girls might get scared or something.I slowly fell asleep but woke up a bit to see calum getting comfortable in my bunk and kissing my nose a smile crept on my face.

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