Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


8. Wake up babe! I wanna talk to you

imagine: You and Your best friend Kayla are having a sleepover and you forgot to call or even text Shawn that night. When you wake up your phone was blowing up with texts,tweets and snap chats from fans saying hateful things. You and Shawn said you weren't going to announce that you two were dating till you were ready, so you were wondering why they started hating unless Shawn posted something? you were looking through your snap chat and saw Shawn snap chat “Wake up babe! I wanna talk to you” .. then it hit you, you forgot to call him. You were reading all the hate comments: @future_mendes” you don't deserve Shawn, he can do so much better” “ouch”you said but kept reading @Shawn_is_bae “you little slut,fuck of, Shawn doesn't really like you” After you read that comment you thought they were right, you felt bad because you forgot him last night, so you crawled into a ball and cried. “babe you ok!” Shawn said walking in your room “no, im sorry i forgot you last night”you cried at the word forgot. Shawn didn't say anything, he just laid on the bed with you and cuddled whispering “i love you “ and “it ok”
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