Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


4. my mom asked if we used protection

Imagine:You and Matthew went to the biggest party of the year, it was You,Matthew,Taylor,Nash,and Cameron. You all found a round table and piled in. we were all playing the dirty version of truth or dare. it was Taylor's turn “Yo Matt, truth or dare?” “Dare” “i dare you to put your hand down y/n pants and make out” “come on man that's up to her” He looked at you to see if its ok “if its part of the game” you said, So Matthew put his hand in your pants and smashed his lips onto yours. “MATTHEW, GET YOU FUCKNG HAND OUT OF YOUR GIRLFRIENDS PANTS NOW” We all were shocked to see Matt’s mom here. Matthew was in shock and pulled his hand out really fast not blinking his eyes. “COME HERE NOW!!!!” she screamed making him jump and run over to his guys could only make out a little of what she was saying. ”if you get that girl pregn…” “but mom…..” “you won't want to help out with …..” “mom its not what it……” “here take this” “why do you have a condom in your pocket…..” After he came back we bust out laughing and he playfully hits you. Later that night you were on your snap chat and saw Matthew sent you something “my mom asked if we used protection”....
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