Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


2. Miss you

Imagine: Taylor was on tour and you haven’t heard from him in days, no texts no calls. You were getting really worried , so you called there manager, “Hello Mr. Grier can i please speak to Taylor?” “hello Y/N, sorry he is not here right now,” “can you tell him i called, and to call me back please” “no problem we'll do” ”thank you and have a nice day” “alright buy buy” and with that you hung up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. after you was done eating you decided to get changed into some comfy clothes and watch a movie. In the middle of the movie you were going through your snap chat and saw Taylor post something to you “miss you” so you snap chat him back saying “call me please.” You miss his voice so much that you start crying and wishing that he was here to comfort you. *ring*ring* your phone started ringing and you looked at the id caller *unknown* so you denied the call waiting for Taylor. *ring*ring* your phone went off again and it was the same *unknown*, you were getting annoyed so you answer it. “hello” you said in a annoyed voice, “hello to you to babe” Taylor said sarcastically, you started crying, “i miss you so much Taylor” “i miss you to babe, sorry i haven't texted or called i lost phone in a hotel. so im using a phone box” “oh, when are you coming home?” “i don’t know babe, but i promise soon” “ok.” you were about to hang up “hey babe,” Taylor said “yes” “i love you” “I love you to” you said with a smile on your face and hung up.
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