Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


6. i need you here right now

Imagine: you and Carter were hanging out behind a building with Kian Lawley, Andrea Russett, Jc Caylen ,and Lia johnson. you were gonna make a video,you guys were gonna pop wine bottles. “hey babe help me get the bottles” Carter yelled out to you “coming” you yelled back. When you all were set up each of you grabbed a bottle. “ready i’m gonna go first” yelled JC *pop* Jc popped his ,*pop* pop* next Kian and Andrea *pop*Pop* then you and Lia. Carter was last *pop*** His was really loud and the lid went flying straight through a car window making the siren go off. “oh shit lets go before we get caught” Kian was flipping out, not like we were tho, Jc was rubbing his neck and waking in a circle, andrea and Lia were crying, as for you and Carter, you were to keep everyone calm without drawing attention to yourselves. The siren stopped, you all looked at the car to see a businessman, and he was very pissed just by the look on his face.”what the hell did you do to my car, im calling the police” he said pulling his phone out “no no need for that,” a women came from behind him “why not” he growled “what exactly were you guys doing” she asked in a calm tone. “we were making a youtube video, and we popped wine bottles’ you spoke up “i remember doing that when i was 18” she said laughing “we won’t call the police, but we need to call you parents” she said, she was very nice about it. We all gave her our mom or dad’s phone number and in a couple minutes our parents were here. its been a month and every one was still grounded , except you it was your last day of being stuck in your room and you get your phone back. you were looking through all your texts,instagram,twitter, then you went through Snap chat and saw carter’s message “i need you here right now”
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