Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


9. Hey babe,sleepover at my house? ;*

imagine: Jack was on tour and you haven’t seen him since he left. Today Jack was coming home, you were so excited to see him. You were going to call him but you got an alert from snap chat, it was from Jack “Hey babe,sleepover at my house? ;*” when you saw that you ran upstairs and packed your bag. After you were done you decided to text him…… you: hey babe, what time you gonna land ? Jack: just be ready by 5:00 , love you You: kk love you so it was 1:00 now so you decided to get some Starbucks. When you were there you got Jacks favorite and got yours,and sat next to the window. *ring*ring* some one came through the door “omg y/n, how are you doing?” you saw your best friend Chrissa, you got up and gave her a hug and told her to sit down with you…. It was almost 5:30 and you needed to go “hey Chrissa it was really nice seeing you but i got to go” “ok have a safe trip girl” she said standing up giving you a hug buy. When you got home you saw Jack,Cameron,Carter’s car in your driveway. You walked in and no one was in the front room so you went to the kitchen and saw the boys eating all your food “Y/N” the boys all screamed in unison “babe” Jack said giving you a hug and kisses, “hey babe, i missed you sooo much” you said kissing him and handing him his coffee.After you all said your hellos you all headed for Jack’s
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