Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


3. Her kisses weren't as good as yours

imagine: you and Cameron got in a fight, “you know what we're done” you yelled across the room before storming out of his house with tears in your eyes. You thought he would come after you and beg for you to come back but no he let you go. All the things you guys went through meant nothing now. Its been at least a month since you and Cameron broke up,and all you did was sit in your room and cry and eat ice cream. Cameron was on tour,and you hear he had a new girl friend named Sara, which made you cry even more. The pictures of them,he looked so happy while you sat and cried all day.You were looking through your snap chat and saw that he sent you a picture,you were scared to click it but you did any way. “Her kisses weren't as good as yours” you stared at it wondering if you should snap chat back “i miss you,Cameron” with that you shut off your phone. You were so happy that you decided to get out of bed for once in a month and go to Starbucks. What you didn't know was that the Magcon boys next stop was in Indiana a couple hours away. So you got ready to go to Starbucks. you were in line about to order when someone behind you kisses the back of your neck “hey” you say turning around to see Cameron there, “hey” he said back with that you smash your lips into his.
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