Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


5. can’t wait to see you! love you

Imagine: you and Nash have been going out for about five months. Nash was going on tour and it was gonna be the longest tour they have ever both don’t know when he’s coming back. It’s been at least four to five months now scene he left and you miss him a lot,even though he calls and text every hour. You went in your room to put some sweat pants and a sweater on ,then watch Netflix. * ring *ring* you saw the caller and roller your eyes it was Nash,he has been calling like five hundred times today, even though you love him with all your heart. “heeelo, Mr. Grier” you answer the phone “hello my beautiful girlfriend” “soo how the tour?” “its going really great” “aww that's good, do you know when you're coming back?” “no i'm sorry babe” “it’s ok, i can’t wait to see you” “i know tell me about it , i miss cuddling with my girl and watching Netflix, going on walks,and getting Starbucks” “i know i miss that to” “hey babe i have to go,” “ok “ “babe” “yes” “i lovvvvve you” “and i loooooove you to” After you hung up you saw Nash posted “can’t wait to see you! love you” on snap chat.
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