Magcon Boys

experience dating each one of the Magcon boys!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*


7. aye babe so excited 2 see you ;*

imagine:Aaron and you Have been going out for five months now and it was your . *ring*ring* “hey babe” Aaron said through the phone “hey, happy anniversary babe” you squealed “hey get ready i'm coming in 10 minutes” “wait what do i wear?” you ask “ something comfortable,like leggings and a t-shirt or some thing” He said hanging up. you ran up stairs and through on our black leggings and a red and wight OBEY shirt, it was Aaron’s shirt . You got done just in time to sit down and make a cup of coffee. You were looking through your phone and saw you had an alert on snap chat, it was from Aaron “aye babe so excited 2 see you ;* <3 ;* ‘ you snap chat back saying “i love you , and were are we going?” you said with a sad face. After you locked your phone Aaron was here. You wen’t and opened the door and saw him in his black sweat pants and a black and red OBEY shirt. “LOOK WERE TWINS” he squelch like a girl ,which made you laugh and kiss him ,and he had no trouble kissing back. You guys were in his car , listening to Shawn Mendes and Jack and Jack songs, groove came on!!!!!!!! “omg i love this song “ you screamed and turned it up, and danced like an idiot in a car with Aaron right by your side. When you finally got to the place Aaron had to wake you up. “hey babe were here” he said snugging you “were are we?” you ask “you’ll see, just come here” he said picking you up and putting you an to his car hood. There were blankets on top of the car and a bomb fire in front of the car, You looked around to see you were on the top of a mountain and had a full view of the city and you could see the stars . “omg Aaron its beaut full” you said in aww “you’ll like whats gonna happen later”he said climbing on the car and pulling you closer to him. It’s been about an hour of you and Aaron talking and kissing, “hey babe, look at the stars” he said pointing to them with the hand he was holding yours . you look up to see a shooting stars coming from every direction in the sky.
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