CJ Hood

Cameron James Hood is the younger sister of Calum Thomas Hood. Cameron is a crazy, fun loving, 14 year-old. She listens to rock music and is a badass chick.
Calum Thomas Hood is the older brother of Cameron James Hood. Calum is the bass player for the popular pop punk band; 5 Seconds of Summer. Calum is outgoing and very well liked, he and Cameron have been the closest that siblings could be.
What happens when Calum and the rest of the boys come back? Cameron is different from when Calum and the guys were just a garage band. So what happens when they find out that she's changed her whole entire look, attitude, and basically everything?
Find out in CJ Hood.


1. Chapter one

     (This is what Cameron James aka CJ looks like) 

  I just want you guys to know that this is my first book. So please bear with me, and I might throw in some Spanish too but I'll have the translations with them. :)

                                                                            CJ's POV:

   "Despierta puta!" I hear a familiar voice shout as the person jumps on me. "Vete a la mierda ! Déjame follando sueño ! Yo no quiero salir de la cama!"I whine flipping him off. "Please get up! For me?" Jake says pouting. I smile with my eyes closed and chuckle. I sit up a little and open my eyes. "There we go! There are those beautiful eyes I love." He says with that trademark smile, that I love so much.

    "So, what are we doing today?" I ask looking up at him leaning against him. "We, are going to the mall, and meet up with Nick." Jake says. "Mmhhm" I say giving a small smile, closing my eyes and resting my head on his shoulder at the crook of his neck. "You're about to fall asleep aren't you babe?" He asks. "Hmm yeahh." I say. "Come on, let's get up.I'll help you pick something out babe." Jake says.

                                                                           Calum's POV: 

     "Mate wake up! Calum. Calum! Wake up!" Luke shouts while jumping on me. I groan and roll on my back. "What do you want Lukey?" I whine, and rub my eyes as I was still tired from last night. "For you to wake the hell up. Come on." He whines and then puts head on my bare chest. He looks up at me through his long eyelashes and says "please? For me?"  I roll my eyes and sit up. "Yay! I don't have to deal with Ashton!" He squeals. I look over to the bunk across from mine and see that it's empty, Ashton and Michael must be up already.

     "Come on,let's go eat,Matt stopped so we could go and get whatever we wanted."Luke says."okay let me just put a shirt on." I say. I throw a random shirt on and jump off the bunk. Luke standing there was waiting patiently for me. He opens his arms and I of course need my Lukey hug of the day.

                                                                         CJ's POV:

          "Jake! You said you would help me! Pleeasse!" I whine. "I'm coming hold on!" He shouts up the stairs. Walking through the door with two mugs in his hands. I gasp and attack him with a hug once he put the mugs down . "You got coffee! Thank you babe." I say and kiss him gently. He pulls back and hands me a mug. "thank you."  I say and take small sip. "You're never fully awake unless you have coffee!" I sing jokingly. "You have a wonderful voice babe." Jake compliments and as always my cheeks flush a red colour. "Thank you, now please help me?" I ask him with a cute smile.

        "Yes, come on." He says chuckling and pulls me into the closet. Since its a particularly warm day I would probably be wearing shorts. Jake pulls out a pair of high-waisted shorts and hands them to me. I look around the tops until I find one that I liked. "You go find some shoes and I'll throw this on." I say and shuffle to the area that has a huge couch. I quickly change out of pajamas and into my clothes for today. "I think I found some shoes that go with today's outfit." Jake says as he makes his way t me and sits on the couch next to me. I slip my combat boot on and lace them up. I stand up and make my way to my make-up table. I plop down and look at myself almost as if I were analyzing what I should do to make myself look presentable. I put a line of eyeliner around my eyes and a thick and heavy layer of mascara.

         "Come on lets brush our teeth. We're going to meet Nick at the mall in a few and we'll coffee don't worry." Jake tells me slapping my ass in the process. I squeal and run to the bathroom. "What the hell Jake!" I shout while laughing. "You know I love you babe." he says and shoves the toothbrush in his mouth. I roll my eyes and shake my head, also brushing my teeth. We both finished at the same time so I fling some tooth paste at him. "Cammy! What the hell!" he shouts laughing. "Sorry not sorry." I say laughing at him. he grabs me by my waist, holding me in place and kisses my neck. "Jakeee this is not the time or place to be doing this. we have to go meet Nick, besides Nick texted me saying that a few more people were coming." I tell him, but I don't attempt to get out of his iron grip because he's warm and I'm not.

       He finally lets go of his iron grip on me and we make our way down the stairs. "who's driving? Me or you?" I ask shrugging on my leather jacket. " If you want to you can, I know how much you love driving." he says with a cute smile. "Mkay. Can I have the keys though? I'm short as hell, it's a miracle that I can see over the steering wheel." I tell him with a chuckle. I slip my sunglasses on and Jake hands me the keys to our Jeep. "Thank you babe." I say and kiss him. He grabs his sunglasses and slides them on. We grab anything else that we needed, I made sure to lock the house up and jump into the car. I start the car and Jake turns the radio on. One Direction came on and I made a stink face. "Get this fucking shit out of my ears." I exclaim. "Okay, okay, sorry." he says, changing it and I smile.

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