Everyone changes. Through the years our interests has expanded and our opinions have matured. From wanting to princesses and astronauts, to wanting to be surgeons and architects. We used to be scared of the monsters under our beds or in the closets, but now our biggest fears range from being unsuccessful and homeless to being unwanted and rejected. We all change in these categories, but the past is set in stone. The past will always be there to reflect upon and learn from. Sometimes, the past isn't just moments in our heads, its actual people.


5. 5

    The sound of an annoying buzz echoed throughout my room. I groan in frustration, punching the unused pillow to my left. Letting out an annoyed sigh, I grab my phone and am immediately blinded by its bright light. I squint my eyes, trying to focus on the cause of the noise. Beatrice's picture continues to flash on my phone, accompanied by the irritating buzz. I click the 'answer' button and set the phone on speaker.
    ''What the hell do you want?'' I clench my jaw in frustration. It was six in the morning on a Saturday and instead of being asleep, I'm over here answering the call of my best friend.
    ''Why are you on Tumblr?'' she asked in an accusing tone. Obviously, Beatrice just got back from a club and is still completely wasted. I roll my eyes before answering.
    ''What are you talking about?" I grumble as I pull the comforters even closer to my body.
    "I was scrolling through my feed and there was a picture of you kneeling down in front of a homeless guy. Who did you pay to take and edit the picture?" she urges me in a 'duh' tone.
    ''Beatrice I don't have time for this. I don't have Tumblr and I didn't pay anyone to do anything." I roll over on my bed before continuing, "Why was this so important that you needed to call me at six in the morning on a Saturday?"
    "The picture is going viral. Everyone on everything is reblogging it and shit."  Her tone was full of excitement. The internet finally sees one act of kindness and suddenly it goes viral. We finally see a girl who isn't naked on the internet. Hand me an award and call me Queen Elizabeth cause I'm sure as hell I deserve it. I sit up, my need for sleep gone.
    "It was just a kind gesture. Why is it going viral?" 
    "Because a lot of celebs have been reposting it too!! You're getting famous!'' She screams into the phone. What was I supposed to do now? Celebrate? Yay, all of humanity finally recognizes good in the world? Her use of the word 'famous' causes me to fake gag into the phone.
    "And...? Those people only care about what's happening in the picture, not who it is.'' I say in a 'matter-of-fact' tone. This was truth, they could care less about who I was. "You're being completely ridiculous if you're labeling me as famous." I roll my eyes and make my way towards the bathroom.
    "Maybe I did exaggerate, buttttttttttttt I still think this a big deal," she pauses before continuing, "You could start a charity or something! You'd have plenty of people who are willing to support you! Celebrities might even sponsor you, imagine that. Katy Perry donating five grand and doing a charity concert just for you!" Now I knew she was drunk. There are plenty of organizations all over the world that did an abundance of good for everyone who needed it. Why should I feel the need to create a whole organization just to do the right thing for humanity? Why not just do it out of human nature? 
    "I'd rather not. I'm sure there are plenty of organizations out there doing good in the world. You know Bee, small acts of kindness do just as much good for the world as big ones do." I smile as I walk towards the big window in the kitchen. It was a beautiful day in London and I couldn't help but admire the uprising sun. The moment was destroyed when a loud scream erupted from my phone.
    "Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan just tweeted the picture! Louis even called you beautiful!" Her squeals grew progressively louder, annoying me even more. Louis who? Niall? Unless they were decendants of God Almighty himself, I could care less.
    "Oh joy, please hold while I burst with happiness.'' I say with a monotone voice. I smirk as I could practically hear her roll her eyes in annoyance.
    "They're from One Direction dumbass. You should feel honored and crying right now." Ah, so that's why she flipped out. Isn't One Direction the same band Perrie's boyfriend in? Zack was it? 
    "Whoopie, good for me." I fall back onto the couch before continuing, "Good bye darling dearest and have a wonderful day!" I hang up on her before she could reply and make my way into the kitchen. The sun was completely up now and city looked absolutly beautiful. Oh London, you're always so good to me.
    My phone begins to ring again and I couldn't help but let out a really loud groan. Luckily, it wasn't a phone call, but a text from Perrie. 
From: Perrie E.
My band mates, boyfriend and his friends are going out from breakfast,wanna join?

    I hesitate before answering. Was this a good idea? Going out for breakfast with a bunch of celebrities? Wasn't that Louis and Niall guy in the band with her boyfriend? I think it through in my head before I finally cave in.
To: Perrie E.
I'd love to :) What time?
From: Perrie E.
Just text me when you're done, we live upstairs anyways :P

    How convient, I live in a building with celebrities as my upstairs neighbors. I thought the dealer said this place was filled with old folk and college students? I pull away from my train of thought and finish my glass of water. After placing the cup in the sink, I make my way into the bathroom. I turn on the shower water and wait for it to heat up. 
    I finish blow drying my hair and apply the slightest bit of makeup. I clean up the edges of my eyeliner and take one last glance in the mirror. My hair was let down in short waves and my cheeks blushed a rosy pink. I wore dark, yet natural looking eye makeup, allowing my eyes to create a more vibrant look. I wore dark skinny jeans and dirty, white peasant top. I was pleased with my appearance and made my way to the front door, grabbing my wallet, keys, and beige wedges. I throw on my light brown, knit cardagain and make my way out the door.
    I lightly knock on the door, faint murmurs could be heard from the inside. Seconds later, Perrie opens the door accompanied by a black haired guy with an arm wrapped around her waist. I assumed he was the boyfriend, Zayn as I recall. 
    "Hi Lizzie!" she wraps me in a friendly embrace and lets me in to their apartment. Her apartment was modern looking, yet cozy. Not to metion it was twice my apartment's size. There were three other girl's spawled out on the couch and four other boys ransackting the kitchen. I felt a large hand settle on my shoulder, causing me to cock my head in that direction.
    "I'm Zayn by the way." The black haired guy said to me with a friendly smile. He gives my shoulder one last squeeze before wrapping it back around Perrie's waist. 
    "Lizzie." I raise my hand in a wave like motion, sending him a small smile. I noticed the tattoos that wrapped around his exposed arm and the stubble that covered his sharp jaw. Perrie has really good tatste in guys.
    "Aye!" Perrie suddenly calls out to the occupied others in the room. Their attention was quickly diverted in our direction, turning my nerves uneasy. I clear my throat before deciding to speak.
    "Hi, my name's Elizabeth, but please call me Lizzie." I end with a small smile and a tiny wave in no paritcular direction. A girl with jet black, poofy hair was the first to speak.
    "I'm Leigh-Anne, but call me Leigh if you'd like." She greets me with hand shake, which I happily accepted. Soon the two other girls came up to me and greeted me as well.
    "I'm Jade, nice to meet you." A petite, tan girl says to me with a kind smile. 
    "I'm Jesy, I like your outfit by the way." Another girl with dark, yet kind eyes compliments me. I smile at her and shyly thank her. 
    "Alright that's enough of that!" someone exclaims from the kitchen. A tall guy with bright green eyes and wavy hair emerges from the corner. "My name's Harry, pleasure to meet you!" He immediatly pulls me in for a tight hug and I feel my cheeks heat up at his very forward actions. He let's me go and shoots me a cheeky wink. I feel quite awkward to be honest and shoot Perrie a questioning look. She holds in a laugh and shrugs.
    "Hello! I'm Niall!" A boy with bright blue eyes energetically greets me. His attitude cause a wide smile from me  and a small laugh.
    "I'm Liam, how are ya love?" Another guy with light brown eyes and a small, brown quiff says to me. He pulls me in for a warm hug and I mumble a reply into his shoulder.
    "I'm great and you?'' Before he had the chance to answer he was interrupted by a loud, cheery voice.     
    "Hello darling Lizzie, I'm Louis" before I even had the chance to see who's voice it belonged to, I was swept off my feet, literally. A sweet, yet manly scent wafted up my nose as I was spun around in a never ending circle. I couldn't help, but laugh. These boys seemed very touchy except for Zayn and Niall. I was finally set down and I was faced with familiar baby blue eyes. He had chestnut brown hair that was slicked back and a slight five o' clock shadow covering his sharp jawline. He wore a navy blue shirt and dark jeans. There were random tattoos scattered all over his arm. My breathing hitched in my throat as I realize that it was him. His eyes widen as he recognizes who I am as well.
    It was silent between everyone for a while before coughing could be heard from behind us. I switch my attention from him to the unrealistic coughing behind us. The girls were sat on the long couch, awkwardly coughing and sharing quiet murmurs. I blush a deep crimson and step away from Louis. I hold out my hand in front of him and reluctantly grin.
    "Nice to meet you." He stares at my hand before looking back up at me with the same shocked expression.
    "The pleasures all mine." He firmly shook my hand and sent me a small nod. He quickly spins around on his heel, staring at the audience we somehow collected. The girls were awkwardly gaping at us from the couch and the boys were scattered around the kitchen shooting concerned expressions at Louis.
    "A little too friendly bud.'' Harry approaches Louis and slaps him on the back. Harry had a wry smile on his face and a strange look in his eyes. I desperately wanted to to back out and avoid him. This can't be happening, not now and I was hoping not ever. I should've known that the Louis Tomlinson that tweeted me was the same one as him. How many Louis' were there anyways? Specifically Tomlinsons? I open my mouth to tell them my pathetic excuse to skip out on breakfast, but Perrie quickly interrupted me.
    "We're gonna get brunch," Perrie approaches us making her way towards the door, grabbing Zayn along the way "Meet us at in the lobby." She leaves and everyone else in the room follows her lead. I stare at Louis for a split second before making my way out the door, not waiting for Louis to follow. The past does come back to haunt you.


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