Everyone changes. Through the years our interests has expanded and our opinions have matured. From wanting to princesses and astronauts, to wanting to be surgeons and architects. We used to be scared of the monsters under our beds or in the closets, but now our biggest fears range from being unsuccessful and homeless to being unwanted and rejected. We all change in these categories, but the past is set in stone. The past will always be there to reflect upon and learn from. Sometimes, the past isn't just moments in our heads, its actual people.


4. 4

    "So Ms. Perdue, " he takes a long sip of his coffee before continuing, "What can you offer to This Season Magazine?''  He neatly folds his hands on top of the desk and stares at me with an emotionless expression. I think through my answer first, figuring out the best way to say it without sounding stuck up.

    "Well Mr.Matthews, I'm willing to offer this company publicity. I know people who are quite popular amongst the media and they believe that doing a front cover issue on themselves will do both of us some good. It would be a fun experience for them and extreme promotion for their new album. It'll be difficult to get your hands on a copy, causing fans to be even more determined to get their very own copy." I say all at once. I let out a breathe I didn't realize I was holding in and stare at him with anticipation. He pauses for a moment, an impressed expression washes over his aging face. I smooth out my purple skirt before he continues.

    "That sounds quite ambitious for an intern don't you think? But I love your moxy. You seem so determined and confident, I love that in an employee." With each word he said my heart rate seemed to grow faster and faster, while my smile grew bigger and bigger. "I think I'll take you up on that offer," he sends me a toothy grin before continuing "You're hired." He stands and holds out his hand. I shoot up like a rocket and give him a firm handshake.

    "Thank you so much Sir Matthews. I promise not to disappoint." I continue to eagerly shake his hand before he places his other hand on top of mine. He let's out a chuckle once I finally let him go.

    "I have faith in you Ms. Perdue. You have my information so be sure to email my assistant about the details of this project," He pats me on the back as he leads me to his office door ''Good luck and welcome to the team.'' He sends me one last smile before shutting his door and leaving me in the waiting room where other hopeful applicants waited. I was completely and utterly speechless, a mixture of happiness and anxiety bubbled inside of me. I felt a sense of responsibility and maturity, I couldn't help but let out a little squeal. Dirty looks and eye rolls were sent my way. I duck my head as I felt my face begin to tingle and make my way out of the building. My phone started ringing in my back pocket, which completely startled my train of thought. I cringe as I see the caller I.D. It was my dad, whom I promised I would call yesterday...

    "Hi Daddy." I pull out my innocent voice and begin walking back to my apartment.

    ''Don't start with me Lizzie. Why haven't you called me?! I've been worried sick!'' His voice was stern, but the worry clear in his words. He begins to scold me and there wasn't much I could say except a few mumbled 'okays' and 'sorries'. Once he seemed calm enough I drop the good news. 

    ''On the bright side, I got accepted into the magazine company I've been telling you about,'' I pause for a second as I unlock the door to my apartment ''Yeah apparently, the head of the company has an interest in my ideas." I smile to myself as I set my things down.

    "That's great love. Just please don't ever scare me or your brother like that ever again.'' His voice was pleading and it hurt knowing that I was the cause of it.

    ''I promise.'' I hear him sigh in relief before handing the phone off to my brother, Nathan. He was taking a break for a while, considering how lonely Dad must've been without me. 

    "Liz, you scared me shitless.'' I laugh at the fact that this is the first thing he decides to tell me.
    ''I'm sorry Nate.'' I hear him chuckle on the other side and it warmed my heart. Nathan was one of those brothers that looked after you like a father. He's the one that made me smile on the darkest of days. He's five years older than I was, so he left home while I was still young. Even though he moved far, far away his presence could always be felt in my heart. He'd always call and text, no matter how busy he was.

    "You suck Liz,'' he chuckles before continuing ''So on a scale from 1-10 how much do you miss us?'' You could practically hear the smirk on his face. My dad chuckled in the background causing me to playfully roll my eyes at both of them.

    ''A strong 1.5.'' we joke around for a bit until we decide to go our separate ways. I toss my phone on the opposing side of the couch once hear the line beep, and sigh. I'm lonely once again. 

    I mentally go over what I could possibly do and I end up deciding to call Perrie telling her the news. She seemed fairly excited and she was apparently on her way to the meeting to clear it with her manager. The phone call didn't last long before she had to go off and do her thing. I was once again left alone and I was pathetically bored. Instead of keeping myself locked away in this house, I decide to go off and explore the city. 

    I find myself at a corner table of a nearby coffee shop. Mindlessly skimming through my emails on my phone, I hear the ding of the bell and my name being called out. I go up to get my coffee, then sit back down in my spot. The shop was cozy and the smell of hot coffee relaxed my tension. There were a few other people seated around me, but none seemed interested in a conversation as their noses were buried among their laptops or novels.

    I look out of the window, quietly observing all of the people. Across the street, seated under a dim lamp post was a man with an over grown gray beard and untamed hair. He held up a cardboard sign and rattled an old can. He wore tattered plaid shirt and old cargo jeans that had every stain possible. His face was smeared with dirt and his eyes held a pleading expression. Everyone walked by, not even bothering to send him a quick glance. My heart ached for him and his cruel condition. I soon find myself at the front counter ordering four hot chocolates and four of the breakfast sandwiches. The employee quickly finishes my order and I was out the door headed in the man's direction. 

    I kneel down in front of the old man so that way I was within eye level with him. I take one of the cups of hot chocolate and place it in his hand. He looked at me with a startled expression and the pain in his eyes was enough to last anyone a lifetime. I place one of the sandwiches on his lap and he blankly stares at it for a few seconds before looking up at me. He sets the hot drink down and wraps his arms around me.

    "Thank you so much. You don't know how hungry I am.'' he continued to thank me as he held me in his arms. I rub circles on his back in comforting way and I could feel my chest fill with happiness. He let's me go and stares at me with bewilderment overtaking his eyes.

    ''It's my pleasure sir,'' I say with a genuine smile on my face ''I wish the best of luck to you.'' I give his shoulder a soft squeeze before making my down the road, my bright smile never leaving my lips.

    Throughout the rest of the day, I continued handing the three remaining drinks and sandwiches to those who truly needed it. Each person's expression similar to the previous'. Their eyes held a pained, pleading look, but all them soon filled with extreme happiness, causing my smile and heart to grow bigger and bigger. We all take the things we have for granted and we waste the things that others truly need. You never realize how lucky you are until you see another individual's struggle. 


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