Everyone changes. Through the years our interests has expanded and our opinions have matured. From wanting to princesses and astronauts, to wanting to be surgeons and architects. We used to be scared of the monsters under our beds or in the closets, but now our biggest fears range from being unsuccessful and homeless to being unwanted and rejected. We all change in these categories, but the past is set in stone. The past will always be there to reflect upon and learn from. Sometimes, the past isn't just moments in our heads, its actual people.


3. 3

    The large box landed on the wooden floor with a loud thud, which echoed throughout the dim room. I squint my eyes as my fingers skimmed the nearest wall for a light switch. I finally find a working switch and my new home was revealed. A cream color was painted on the walls, making the room feel larger. A small, unlit hallway was to my far left. 

    I walked farther into the house, my eyes taking in every detail. The mahogany wooden flooring ascended into a soft white carpet that covered half of the room. A dark brown L- shaped couch bordered the carpeted area, indicating the living room. A medium size t.v was mounted on the wall. A dark, wooden shelf shaped like an upside down - u towered above the t.v. The shelves were filled with a variety of movies, books, and knick- knacks. A light layer of dust covered the shelf like a blanket. A small coffee table was placed in front of the sofa, its color matching the rest of the room.

    I move farther into the area to discover a cozy, yet modern looking kitchen. The walls were the same cream color and the cabinets and drawers were the same dark, brown color. The counter tops were a sleek black marble and appliances with the same dark color were neatly placed along the top. The fridge matched the rest of the house and was completely empty, just like the rest of the cabinets and drawers. The wall to my left was made completely of glass that overlooked the busy city. A small round table and four matching chairs were placed in the middle of the room. 

    I wandered into the unlit hallway and look for another switch. I soon find one and flick it open. The hallway was the same cream color and there were three doors; two on my left and another to my right. I opened the first door to reveal a small, quaint room. The walls were a pristine, white color and nothing but a window was placed in the room. Assuming this wasn't the main room, I'd decide to either transform the area into an office or guest bedroom later on.

    I move on to the next room to reveal a larger room. A big window was on the opposing side of the door and a bare bed was placed underneath it. There was nightstand to the right of the bed and a desk against the opposing wall nearest the door. A smaller door near the desk reveled a walk - in closet. It wasn't anything grand, but there was a reasonable amount of room. 

    I move on to the right side of the hallway and open the door to the bathroom. The bathroom consisted of a black porcelain shower, bath, and toilet. The sink was in an uprising bowl shape and there was plenty of counter space to hold a buffet. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My air was pulled into a messy side braid and my face looked bare, except the sprinkle of freckles that covered my nose and the mascara that coated my lashes. My eyes were shining from anticipation and excitement. I let out a deep breathe and make my out into the hallway.

    I begin to move boxes into the living room and my room. After multiple trips from my car and back I finally crash onto the couch, letting my body sink into the soft material. My eyes flutter shut and I soon find myself in deep thought. This was my home now, that is until I become successful and move into a larger home. My future was slightly planned out in my head. I know that I want to intern for a magazine, then hopefully move my way up into an assistant or an editor. Luckily, there was a well- known magazine near my building and actually payed interns the minimum wage. I'll probably take on an extra job during the weekends just to make some extra cash. 

    I haul myself off the couch and begin to open some of the boxes. I place my things according to my personal preference; hanging paintings and photos along the walls, placing some of my own knick knacks and decor around the living room and my room, then placing my very few kitchen tools in the drawers. I make a note of heading to the shops either tomorrow or later on today.

    After cleaning up the dust around the house and emptying the rest of the boxes, I drag myself into my room and throw myself onto the bed. I wince as I realize that I ruined the bed that took me an hour of rearranging. I rub my eyes and clutch one of the decorative pillows. My eyes begin to feel heavier and heavier and body begins to power down. My eyes flutter shut and my thoughts are engulfed in darkness.

    My eyes slowly open and I quickly sit up at an alarming rate. I rub my eyes awake and frantically look around at my surroundings. I let out a sigh as I realize that I'm just in my new room. Falling back onto my bed, I let out a deep breathe and go over my agenda in my head : Head to the shops, buy food, call dad.

    I finally get myself ready after a long fight as to how to perfect the water temperature. Letting out a loud yawn, I wander off into the kitchen and mindlessly check the cabinets, "Great," I mumble under my breathe as I remember my lack of  food. I run my fingers through my hair as I shuffle my way to the front door. Grabbing my keys and slipping my shoes on, I make my way out into the building's hallway. I make my to the elevator, relieved that I was the only one present. The elevator doors slowly close and I pull my phone out of my back pocket: two missed calls from Dad, three text messages from Beatrice, and one missed call from my brother, Nathan.

    I reply to Beatrice's texts, snickering as it was evident how much she missed me already. The elevator doors ding open causing my attention to divert away from my phone. I look up from my phone screen and realize that I haven't reached the lobby yet. Instead, a petite girl with dark golden hair emerged from the corner, ducking her head low and pushing her sunglasses farther up the bridge of her nose. I clear my throat before I ask "Lobby?" She looks at me for a short second and gives a curt nod. I shoot her a small smile before turning my attention back to my phone. It was silent between us except for her sniffles and deep breathes. I couldn't but notice when she wiped underneath her eyes.

     "Uhm, are you all right?" I ask. She takes a moment to pause and think, then suddenly she leans against the mirrored wall of the elevator and shakes her head. She lets out a choked cry and grips the hand rail. The elevator comes to an abrupt stop and I lightly place a hand on her shoulder and shoot her a sympathetic smile. We begin to walk out of the elevator and we take a seat on one of the couches in the lobby. I wasn't sure what to say. I don't know her name and she doesn't know mine, yet here I am: waiting for her to tell me her problems. 

    She finally takes off her sunglasses and clears her throat, "I'm sorry about that, my name's Perrie by the way." She sits up in her seat and sniffles again.

    "My names Elizabeth, but please call me Lizzie." I awkwardly reply to her. After contemplating with myself for a while I finally find some courage to ask, "What's wrong?" To be honest I wasn't sure to expect, I'm not really good with dealing with other people's problems. She let's out a deep breathe and shuts her eyes.

    "Boys suck," she lets out a quiet laugh before she continues "Have you ever loved someone so much that you've convinced yourself that you're bound to live happily ever after?" Yes. Instead of verbally replying I nod and patiently wait for her to continue. "We're engaged, happily engaged to be honest. We're both so busy with our careers and being thousands and hundreds of miles away from each other doesn't always work."

    "So did he cheat on you or did you..." I trail off, jumping to conclusions. She laughs before replying.

    "No, of course not," she pauses before continuing, "We just have a difficult time dealing with... everything." she hesitantly finishes. "This is absurd. I'm very sorry for wasting your time, but I'll just be on my way." She begins to stand up, but I stop her.

    "No, its not a problem. But I would think that distance is a good thing in a relationship. Being away from your loved ones makes you realize how important they truly are. Distance makes you value your time with them more." I finish with a smile. Well so much for crappy advice. A smile approaches her lips and she stands up.

    "Would you like to get lunch with me? I'd really appreciate a friend right now." A friend? We literally met in an elevator and we just talked for four minutes. She could be deranged ax murderer if anything. She could be an FBI agent undercover for all I know. I weigh my options  before agreeing to join her. She claps her hands and smiles before yanking me up and pulling me out the lobby door. Her mood went 0-100 really fast. I laugh as she continues to drag me past the cold winds and buzzing streets of London.

    "It doesn't bother you that we just met in an elevator ten minutes ago?" I ask with a laugh. She comes to an abrupt stop causing me to almost crash into her small figure. She looks at me with a challenging expression.

    "You're not associated with any form of social media that's trying to ruin me or my girls are you?'' I look at her with a puzzled expression, was this girl crazy? 

    "Ruin you and your girls? What's that supposed to mean?" I question her. In a split second her expression breaks out into a bright smile. I ask her again what she meant and she responds with a laugh and a shake of her head. 

    "Oh its nothing, just being sarcastic." We continue walking through the busy streets and stop at a local cafe. We take a seat in the back of the small cafe. I take one glance at the menu and my eyes widen at the prices enlisted. My nerves kick in as I realize that I may not have enough for the shops and lunch. Perrie looks up from her menu and gives me a kind expression. As if she could see right through me, she says "Buy anything you want, my treat." I felt embarrassed having her pay for such a high priced meal, but decide against arguing and accept it curtly.

     I stick to the only reasonably priced item on the menu and a glass of water, which was free. Perrie orders something that sounded sophisticated and fancy I had to divert my attention away in order to hide my deep crimson cheeks. We begin to make small talk and I couldn't help, but ask her what she meant earlier. She hesistates a bit before answering. "Well I'm sort of in a band called "Little Mix" and we're quite popular," she gives me a short while to absorb the new informaton before continuing, "There are some people in this world who don't support us and my relationship with my boyfriend, Zayn Malik. He's a part of One Direction. I was just taking some precautions." She hesistantly finishes and waits for my response.

     I was still slightly confused, but it did make some sense. Her boyfriend is a celebrity and so is she. Society is cruel and ruthless, I've seen how messy some situations can get. 

    "Oh, alright I understand what you mean," I laugh before continuing "To answer your previous question, no. I'm not here to destroy anyone." I take a sip of my water and the food arrives seconds later. Perrie looks relieved with my response and we eat in silence. The food was spectacular, maybe that explains the prices.We talk about her music and my life. I tell her about my dream of working at a magazine and she suddenly look really intrigued. "Yeah, I think its a fashion magazine." We continue talking about my internship and the entire time she seemed genuinely intrigued. It honestly felt really nice to have someone to talk to. Before I used to talk to my dad and brother about my problems and that didn't always work out. They were protective and I couldn't talk to them about girlier subjects. Aside from Beatrice, I had very limited interactions with girls my age. 

    "You know, I've read a few issues of you're magazine and they are quite well-known. You know what, how about you convince your boss to do an issue on my friends and I. Not to brag, but we're all quiet obsessed with fashion and it would only make sense" She finishes her idea with a mischievous grin and takes a sip of her iced tea.

    "That's not a bad idea. If your band is as popular as you say then that'll be major attention for the company and a fun experience for you and your friends." Granted I haven't applied for the internship just yet, but this could be an advantage against my other competitors. I begin to grow excited and ideas begin to bubble in my head.

    "Fantastic! I'll ask our manager at the next meeting. Are you all done?" She asks me as she finishes of the rest of her drink. I nod and begin to gather my things. She waves over the server and he quickly comes over with the check.

    "Listen Perrie, thank for the delicious lunch and everything, but I have to head to the shops. I hope we meet again sometime soon.'' I give her a bright smile and stand up.

    "No problem. Thank for talking to me even though we didn't exactly know each other. Would you like me to show you around the city? You seem new here." She offers kindly. 

    ''I've bothered you enough, no thank you. I've lived here for a while, just not particularly in this area though. I'm sure I'll be fine, thank you for the offer" I quickly blubber out. She shakes her head before grabbing my  arm and exiting the building. Some company would be nice, I guess.

    We walk into my apartment laughing about one of my old high school stories. ''We never got caught, which was surprising because we acted so suspicious." I finish off my story and I drop my bags on the couch as she continues to laugh hysterically. When she finally catches her breathe, she wipes under her eyes and sits up. 

    "We'll I'll just be on my way now. I have to go sort things out with Zayn and you probably have things to do considering you just moved in. It was great meeting you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend it with me. You have my number, so be sure to give me a ring whenever." She gathers her things and makes her way to the front door. I say my goodbyes and she's gone. 

    I sigh realizing that I'm back to my boring, lonely life. I begin to organize the food and kitchen appliances according to my preference. Once I finish, I make my way into my room and get myself ready for bed, realizing that its already past ten o'clock. I let out a silent yawn and get comfortable underneath the covers. My eyes feel heavy and I'm soon unconscious.




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