Everyone changes. Through the years our interests has expanded and our opinions have matured. From wanting to princesses and astronauts, to wanting to be surgeons and architects. We used to be scared of the monsters under our beds or in the closets, but now our biggest fears range from being unsuccessful and homeless to being unwanted and rejected. We all change in these categories, but the past is set in stone. The past will always be there to reflect upon and learn from. Sometimes, the past isn't just moments in our heads, its actual people.


2. 2


I will remember how you kissed me. Under the lamp post over at sixth street. I will wait for you to come home.




     "Its been a great year with you all. It has been an honor to watch you all blossom into these beautifully educated adults.I have faith in each of you that you all will make the right choices. I trust that you all will leave today and create a brand new society, inspiring generations to come. This year has had many ups and down, but thankfully, we've all made it. Never forget the moments where you thought you weren't going to make it. Those long nights of studying and mile long essays will finally pay off. The days where you forgot that one assignment and you thought you were going to fail. That math test that you failed two months ago no longer matters. All though many of us didn't get perfect grades, we've all made it. Be proud because that's all that matters." 


       A wave of applause erupted from the grinning crowd. Serena Faith flashed us all a wide and toothy smile before descending down the stairs that lead off the stage. She sashayed back to her seat, which was two rows behind mine. Confidence radiated off of her slim figure as her black toga swayed with the mild wind. Quite honestly, I've never liked Serena Faith. I respected her, but nothing more. Her overly confident attitude couldn't fool me unlike my other peers. Beautiful girl she was, no denying that, but a person's attitude matters much more to me than her god- like looks.


     Dr.Carson gracefully approached the stage, silencing the antsy crowd. For a forty-seven year old women in heels, she could have passed for a twenty-four year old model. She cleared her throat, preparing to hand out the much anticipated diplomas. But before that long awaited moment, she went on to recite her speech.


     "Good evening graduates and proud family members!" her soft voice projected through the speakers. The entire crowd roared with cheers and applause. Dr.Carson flashed us all a genuine smile and went on to talk about the school year and such things. Her heart felt speech caused the history teacher to shed a tear, which earned a hushed 'aww' from me. 


     I'm Elizabeth Jane, but others call me 'Lizzie" or "Jane." Today is the day my fellow peers and I graduate and descend into the real world. Now that the foundation for our future is soon to be established, its finally our turn to create the pillars and such. I made myself sound smarter than normal, but hey first impressions are everything. I'm twenty-one years old and I'm a graduate in journalism. Writing has been my passion ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I have tan skin and brown, almost green eyes. My hair falls at shoulder length and is a light brown.


     "Jonathan Aaurote." Dr.Carson announced. A tall, scrawny and tanned looking guy stood up. His pearly white teeth and hair gel could be soon from the back row. Students cheered and let out a few ''woooo's ". Jonathan took his time up on stage, stopping to hug his proud mother, she was the English teacher. He soon exited the stage and Dr. Carson went on to announce more names. I applauded for everyone, even for the people I didn't know. There were some scenarios where the cheers were louder for one person than another, but that's a given. 


    Not soon enough, my name was announced through the speakers. A smile spread across my lips as I hurriedly rushed to the stage. I shook my teachers' hands and stopped to take a single picture. I could see my father snapping an abundant amount of pictures in the crowd. I laughed at him as I exited the stage, eager to see the photos he's taken. As I took my seat I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Beatrice Carver, my best friend grinning ear to ear as she congratulated me.


    "I'm so proud of us!" she squealed. Even though we're supposedly grown adults, Beatrice is still her thirteen year old self. I laughed at her then pulled her into a hug. She responded back by hugging me back, tighter than expected. Half of her ginger locks were pulled up and her freckles seemed more visible than usual. Her vibrant green eyes could put anyone in a long,hazy trance

    "So am I Beatrice! Who would've guessed we would still be sane by the end of this." I laughed. I poked her cheek and turned back around. I genuinely couldn't believe that the document in my hand was my one-way ticket into the real world. The thought intimidated and excited me all at the same time.



Hi !

I'd just like to introduce myself to you guys. My name's Chloe and I've been writing for a while now. I have four other novels up on my profile, but I didn't take them seriously because I wasn't confident writing them. But if any of you would like me to continue any of them, message me and I'll try to do just that! 

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