Fate Of Fire (1D-AU)

AU // A girl with fire in her eyes and an overbearing will to explore the unknown will bring the world to flames and his love an internal inferno// AU


3. Visions and Panic Attacks

I was stunned. My face was still to the side and I still felt the sting from the slap. The man grabbed my face and yanked my head towards him, forcing me to look at the evil face. 

"They are going to untie you and you are going to be a good girl and follow them to your room. Understood?" He snapped, the last word more of a statement than a question. I nodded obediently, but gritted my teeth. The men helped me up and untied me. One had his hair in a quiff and earrings. I could even make out the rough sketch of a tattoo on his bicep. He grabbed my wrist and I looked up at him. The rough texture of his hands told me everything I wanted to know about this guy, he was a musician. He was probably a drummer of some sort based off the calluses and scars every here and their, drum sticks breaking while he was playing...

"Josh! Take her up on your own. I need Joey to come with me." 

"Yes, Sir Niall." Josh uttered, his eyes never leaving mine. 

His eyes were gorgeous. Beautiful brown eyes that I felt  I could see the world in. I was honestly captivated by them until he blinked and looked away quickly. Who did he remind me of? Those eyes. Those unforgettable orbs of brown and occasionally hazel were oh-so-familiar. I let it go for the moment as I felt Josh nudging me forward, towards the stairs. They looked dark and steep, stairs that would lead to a dangerous dungeon full of terrors and deaths. I didn't want to move, but as I felt Josh push me forward again I gave in and walked slowly near the stairs that led downward. 

As I neared the bottom of the steep 47 step stairwell I vile stench wrenched its way into my nostrils. I scrunched up my nose and gagged. I few more steps until I realized what was creating the god awful smell. Cells, and within those cells were bodies. Bodies that were beaten and mutilated. Some sat, soaking in their own blood and bodily floods and groaning in pain. Others sat, looking like human skeletons, hovering and cowering near the corner of the cell in fear. My heart beat faster in my chest and I felt as if my chest was on fire. I began to breath so extremely heavy that I had to fall to the ground on my knees, grasping my chest rapidly and trying to remember how to breathe. A constant ringing sound blocked my ears from hearing all and any noises except for the deafening ring. I could no longer control my own body as the anxiety and panic took over me. Fear overwhelmed by body so much that I couldn't feel a person picking me up and running quickly somewhere, I couldn't do anything except panic until darkness passed over my horrified body. 

---------------------------(I was gonna end here, but I'm being nice)--------------------------------------------

I awoke to a bright light surrounding me and a dull ache in my chest cavity. My mind was fuzzy, but soon everything I had seen rushed back into my head. I sat up quickly, forgetting the pain, and looked around in hope to be back home, safe and sound. I saw a man in all black sitting, half asleep, in the chair next to my bed. He was a large burly man with muscles bulging out of his shirt and ruffled black hair on his head. I looked him over and my eyes ran over a peculiar bump in his waist line. He shifted just slightly in his sleep and his shirt rose, showing me the item that he had attempted to hide from view. 

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" A high pitched scream left my throat as I processed the item, a gun. 

Dismay blanketed over me and the male jumped awake. He searched the room in alarm, but then saw me in a frenzy. In the blink of an eye the man was hovering over me trying to calm me down. 

"Calm down. You're OK. My name is Paul. I was assigned to protect you by Leader Louis. I just want to keep you safe, you;re okay." 

Paul's words calmed me down and I was about to open my mouth to ask a question when it happened. 

White light covered my vision and the familiar buzz of electricity sounded in my ear drums. After a moment of blinding light the light receded and pain jolted my body as the images passed over my eyes...

Five men bolted through the door. Three of them had guns in their hands and one of the other two was wearing a lab coat. They were barking orders out everywhere and I could see the relief in their eyes as they saw no threat. Then they looked towards a figure. Their heads snapped a few feet above my head and one of the men lifted his gun again and as It fired I saw the bullet, flying slow motion towards the wall, shattering the wind so that the glass rained down around me and shooting the sniper, across the lot, with a shot to the head. 

My vision disappeared, but I knew I had to act fast. 

"Tell them to stop!" I yelled at Paul, jumping towards the chairs, pulling the IV's out at the same time, causing my arm to bleed heavily. I pushed a chair beside and opened the closet door and just as it closed the room door banged open and the men, like planned, barged in. I waited a moment and only after I heard the window breaking and the bullet hit its intended target, did I leave the confined space. My hand held my bloody arm and I looked at the men before me, none of them seemed much older than me and I recognized one of them as the one who brought me here. I studied all of them for a moment before finally speaking my thoughts...

"Who are you?" 



What do you guys think? I need some feed back on this story! I made this chapter noticeably longer so your welcome for that. The song that inspired this chapter and the amazing Josh Devine at the bottom. I have a big plan for this story! Make sure to watch the trailer also, that will be to to the side, and it was made by Moi! Thanks for reading! 












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