Fate Of Fire (1D-AU)

AU // A girl with fire in her eyes and an overbearing will to explore the unknown will bring the world to flames and his love an internal inferno// AU


2. Fire Fuels

Chapter One- Fire Fuels 


As a young girl I dreamed of living in a world of freedom. I dreamed of living like wild horses. They run free and strong, never stopping, unafraid. I wanted to be unafraid. I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny. When the government dragged my parents away to their deaths I cried. I was weak and vulnerable and I still am. My mother always said I was like fire, "And the thing about fire.." she would whisper to me while tucking me in on our last night together. "Fire is weak at first, but after a while the rage fire has grows and grows until nothing can stop it." I remembered the words for a long time then one day, I took action to them. 


Waking up to a gag in your mouth and your hands tied behind your back isn't exactly peaceful and a well rounded experience. It's an experience alright, just not a pleasant one. I heard figures moving around in the darkness. A blindfold was placed over my eyes and I could tell we were in a van. The bumps in the road would bounce the van so much that I could feel my tail bone bruising. I so badly wanted to let out a scream, but I knew better. I knew I had been knocked out for a while nowso counting the  seconds and turns wouldn't help. Instead, I listened. 

I closed my eyes and focused on nothing, but the sounds around me. I heard cars honking, people chatting, babies crying, and radios blasting. We were in the city, The city once known as New York, I could tell because New York was the only state where A) walking around at night was allowed and B) The Laws were not as in forced so car checks didn't happen often. 

I felt the van take another sharp turn and then finally jerk to a stop. Men began yelling out orders and another rush of panic surges through my body. What if I never get out of here? What if this is some kind of cult and they want to use me as a sacrifice? What if...I need to stop. What if's and maybe's aren't going to save me from this kidnapping. I need to think about what was happening at hand and end it. Evaluate their movements and eliminate the threat, that was my mission, not worrying about petty things that I won't let happen. I won't let bad things happen to me, that is NOT the way Adara Hoss lives. 


My eyes snapped open as the blindfold was torn off. My eyes darted back and I searched every item in the room for use of weaponry. I searched for anything that could be used in self defense. 

"Stand." A man commanded. 

He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was tall, but not extremely. He was probably about 5'9 and seemed as If he didn't belong in the kidnapping buisness. The area that surrounded me could be recognized as a gym, a training ground, a sparring arena.  I stood up quickly and glared at the man. 

"Where am I and what do you want from me?" 


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