There is a place on the small island of Burguam that is rumored to be the place of many things unnamed, unexplored, and unexplained. It is up to a team of scientists and adventurers to find out who or what's is on the island, and make it out alive.


3. Michael L. Valcrez



            I was glad that Christian had an idea, because I was drawing a blank on this one. Christian walked towards the shield, but I was cautious about the outcome, considering the last time he approached the Cave. He pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a ballpoint pen. It had a small light on the top that monotonously blinked blue.

            “Okay, I need everyone to lie on the ground as flat as possible, and do not get up for any reason whatsoever.”

            We all complied with his request, getting down on the ground.

            “This shield appears to be energized by an electromagnetic generator.” Christian said. “The lab I work with gave me this thing. This device allows me to temporarily reverse the polarity in this area. This will disable the generator and will allow us to enter the Cave. This will also disintegrate any human being that stands in its wake. So yeah, don’t get up.”

            With that, Christian pressed a button on the top, and a field of blue energy rippled out. When the energy hit the shield, it flashed a few times, and then disappeared.

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