There is a place on the small island of Burguam that is rumored to be the place of many things unnamed, unexplored, and unexplained. It is up to a team of scientists and adventurers to find out who or what's is on the island, and make it out alive.


5. Clara S. Peterson

Michael was the first person to walk into the room, and he started to poke around in the chests. He pulled out several pieces of clothing, all the vibrant colors perfectly preserved for thousands of years. I examined spears, swords, and other weapons. I wondered how these weapons had only a thin layer of dust, other than that, perfectly clean. Not a single speck of rust, no scratches, not a slight bit of discoloration anywhere.

            “Check this out.” I heard Christian say.

            He was staring down at the pedestal in the center of the room. I walked over for closer inspection and saw that the wooden structure was actually a map of the Cave. The three-dimensional map housed for small, colored marbles. One of the marbles was purple, one green, another blue, and one red. The blue, purple, and green marbles were crowded in one of the many rooms on the map, and the red one sat in the center room of the map. The center room was gigantic compared to the other rooms, probably about four times as big.

            “Hey Michael, go over to the other side of the room, I want to test something.” I said.

            Michael did so, and walked over to the opposite end of the room. The green ball magically shook and moved to the other side of the room on the map.

            “That’s so cool!” Christian marveled.

            “Yeah,” I agreed, “that’s awesome. How do you think that works?”

            “I don’t know, but I don’t care if I don’t ever know.” Christian responded.

            “Wait, if those balls are us, then who’s that?” Michael asked as he pointed to the red marble.

            I took off my backpack and pulled out three walkie-talkies and gave them to the others.

            “One of us should stay behind in here and help the other two navigate to the center room. We would communicate with these in case something happens. There is only one problem with this plan, the question is, which of you brave souls will stay behind?”

            “Me!” they both said in unison.

            “Okay, we both want to stay behind just as much as the other, so we need to settle this like sophisticated adults.” Michael said.

            “I think we both know what we have to do.” Christian said.

            They both held out their palms and raised their fists into the air. I thought they were going to battle it out with their fists.

            “Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock!” they said together.

            “What in the world did you two just do?” I asked before they could finish.

“We performed an advanced version of the classic game Rock Paper Scissors created by Internet pioneer Sam Cass. All hail Sam Cass.” said Michael.

            “Hail” they said together as they raised both of their hands.

            Never mind, they weren’t going to fight it out. They evidently haven’t matured a bit since fifth grade. Michael came out the victor because, as Christian explained, rock beats scissors. (I hope someone out there gets that Big Bang Theory reference) Michael did a stupid little victory dance and I rolled my eyes at the attempt of dancing.

            “What?” Christian asked, “We settled it the most mature way we find possible.”

            “Whatever.” I replied. “Let’s just get going Christian. Michael, you know the drill, if anything happens, you use the walkie-talkies to communicate with us.

            Christian and I walked down a tunnel and Christian’s walkie-talkie buzzed to life.

            “Later loser.” I heard Michael say.

            “Shut up.” Christian retorted back and he shoved the machine into his pocket.

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