There is a place on the small island of Burguam that is rumored to be the place of many things unnamed, unexplored, and unexplained. It is up to a team of scientists and adventurers to find out who or what's is on the island, and make it out alive.


4. Christian R. Lorne



            “Alright then,” a scout said, “let’s get your ropes ready, and you’ll be ready to go down.”

            The scouts took out some ropes and hooked them up while we put on our harnesses. They put on carabineers onto the front of our harnesses, and we started to descend into the Cave.

            We went further and further down into the depths of the Cave. As we went down it got darker, and darker. We went down until the entrance of the Cave was only a small speck of light. I was bouncing off the walls of the Cave, when all of a sudden I lost slack in my rope. I couldn’t go down any further. I was a sitting duck. The same problem arose with the others, probably stuck where I was. That was just a guess, because I couldn’t see a single thing. There was only one option here, and that was to cut the rope and fall. I took a pocket knife out of my pocket (because you know, that’s where POCKET knives go) and hesitantly started to slice away at the rope. I winced at every broken fiber, but then, I fell.

            The fall was actually very anticlimactic, I probably only fell about three feet. I think I just might exaggerate that when I retell of this place.

            “What are we going to do now?” Sarah asked.

            “Here, take this and cut your rope.” I responded as I gave my knife.

            “Wait, how did you reach up so far?” Sarah asked.

            “It’s only a couple feet down.” I said.

            Sarah cut her rope and thumped down onto the ground. She handed the knife to Michael, and he fell down shortly after. Michael stated to dig around his backpack and pulled out a flashlight. He clicked it on and light flushed back into my vision. We started to feel the walls hoping to find something so we didn’t end this expedition with nothing to show for it.

            “Hey Michael, shine the light over here, I think I found something.” Clara requested.

            Michael shined the light over to Clara and it revealed a stone button. Clara pushed it in and it receded with a stony grind. Nothing happened for a few seconds, but then a door opened with a stony grind similar to the button’s. Behind the door was a small, torch lit chamber full of old vases, chests, statuettes, cave paintings, and old weapons. In the center of the room sat a large pedestal with a wooden structure atop it.

            It was truly amazing.

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